Letters to the Editor

Letter: Community center jammed down our throats

To the Editor:

The Dixon Park District, along with the Dixon City Council, has committed an egregious act against taxpayers.

The City Council and park district’s blatant disregard for the residents of the area in which this community center is being built disgusts me. What once was a beautiful play area with grass and trees now will be desecrated with an unwanted and unneeded community center.

I can think of better ways to spend $700,000 of taxpaper money. A public pool comes to mind. Businesses to fill vacant buildings and more road repairs are other ways.

This community center was jammed down our throats while the “elites” pat each other and themselves on the back.

They said the community center “was a good idea.” Just don’t build it in THEIR neighborhood.

All projects on Washington Avenue are not within city limits. They are in the county and still not annexed into the city.

Jeff Pinkston