Letter: Trump put America first, Biden has soiled America forever

To the Editor:

Re. Mr. Bowers letter. Do we live on the same planet? I would own no guns if it were not for the NRA. Biden says guns cause crime, not criminals, (so) let them out of jail.

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are RINOs, period. Donald Trump has faults, as we all do, but he did a lot for the country, and always put America first.

In a few months, Biden has soiled America forever. Biden is a liar, thief and a traitor. He, his son, brother and family have sold out America for millions of dollars. We are told Biden’s election was a fix, maybe, but let’s look at his history so far. Open borders, close pipe lines. Then open gas for Russians. Betray America by leaving Americans left behind in Afghanistan. Biden’s cabinet is a bunch of Obama liberals.

I read my paper every day and pray it does not stray left. Thank God for the GOP. It will keep America first.

John E. Lawson, Oregon