Letter: Vehicle magnets have a message

To the Editor:

I would appreciate that any of the individuals who have a problem with the magnets on my vehicle try to understand why they’re there, instead of jumping to conclusions. Please ask me. I want you to understand why they are there. I call the village a dump because there are several sites in town that look hideous. I have begged and pleaded with the village to address the issues that take away from the beauty of Mt. Morris. I call the Village Board “idiots” because that is exactly the word that describes their behavior. For example, instead of throwing good money at bad with the roads, maybe they may consider funding a project that will permanently fix an issue, instead of putting a Band-Aid on it. Take the Emily Street project, for instance. The whole street should be replaced along with the sanitary sewer beneath. I do understand that it comes down to money, but don’t spend a dime unless you can do it correctly. That requires major infrastructural repairs.

Village President Phil Labash has publicly announced that a new bank is coming to town. It isn’t a new bank, it is a replacement to an existing business. Same with the auto repair business. The new butcher shop that is anticipated to open on Sept. 1 has been sitting idle, holding up $200,000 in TIFF funds. What’s up with that? Where is the transparency? No more lies and withholdings. We need the truth and we need it now. My signs speak the truth. A truth protected by the First Amendment. Everyone has the same rights to freedom of speech as I do. It works both ways.

I believe the Village Board members should not be sticking their noses into the school board’s business. They cannot even manage the town. They have no business addressing those issues. I feel the people are being led astray. We, the citizens of Mt. Morris, need to address the Village Board and demand change.

My point is, there are certain board members who know exactly what they are doing and it is wrong. I will be following at the end of the Autumn on Parade behind a squad car. There are no issues of trespassing. I know there are some who are not happy with this, but it is freedom of speech. I am not trying to offend anyone in Mt. Morris, I am just trying to make a point that serious change needs to happen in this town. This is my opinion. I am entitled to it, as you are entitled to your opinion.

Chris Corcoran

Mt. Morris