Letter: Here comes the cosmic Christ

To the Editor:

Recent revelations by our government of the “presumed” sightings of UFOs have created some strange interpretations of what could be coming.

“The American Survival” show hosted by Cliff Kincade featured a quest that speculates ETs, or the second coming of someone, either for good or ill, could be in the works. Perhaps it’s to help straighten out the problems of humankind’s own making here on planet Earth.

The mind can be an awesome thing, yet it can also deceive us, causing a belief in, often, pure nonsense. I feel this UFO business is merely an attempt to distract from the real problems facing our country.

Presently, the No. 1 problem for the world is continuous increases in the world population. With almost 8 billion humans, and counting, inhabiting the planet, something needed to be done. I think the vaccine is the remedy to that issue. With the vaccine, no need for a nuclear holocaust to address the overpopulation issue.

However, the coming conflict that societies will face will be between the folks who realize the real intent of the vaccine and are aware that they aren’t among those chosen for vaccination exemption, and those attempting to force mandatory injections.

It will be interesting to see, if one lives long enough, how it plays out. One thing is for sure, though; however, it plays out will have the effect of population reduction.

Richard Rowland