Letter: Good manners cost nothing, solve many things

To the Editor:

I think all will agree that the horrific pandemic has caused the unmistakable need for reform and change for the benefit of humankind. We seek solutions to working together in the war against the enemy that threatens so many lives.

As for many of the problems we now face such as racial injustice, greed, hate, religious intolerance, morality misuses and too many more to mention, I personally feel there is one common denominator that would address a beginning to a solution and reform to all the above. The beauty of it all is that the suggestion costs nothing.

Let’s evaluate the magnificent results that good manners bring to the table.

In my opinion, there is nothing more refreshing than to see a young man or young lady display good manners and respect to all they encounter. Good manners, of course, still exist but sadly are a dying art.

I would humbly suggest that we make a valiant effort to reinstate good manners into our daily lives. The positive results of that endeavor outweigh any possible negative results as a solution and reform to the major problems we all face. Once again, the cost is nothing.

I call on the family obligation to lead by example. Take the time to make good manners as you educate your children. Teach them respect for themselves and others, as well as simple attention to pleasant vocabulary, clean and neat appearance, etc. Do not wait for these important skills to be taught in school. All good things begin at home.

In turn then, I would suggest that manners be taught at school to ensure future success. I would hope that it would be a required course at the junior and high school level. The student must pass the course in order to graduate. Parents are not allowed to interfere with the program. Failure is not an option.

It is not my intention to pontificate about this offering. I fully admit that I am guilty of poor manners in my daily life. However, I firmly believe that good manners and the concentration toward good manners will bring us all together to solve all mounting problems. Let’s give it a try and love one another.

Joseph McEachern