Letter: Kinzinger’s call to invoke the 25th Amendment commendable

To the editor:

Although I didn’t vote for him, I want to commend Rep. Adam Kinzinger for his swift action in trying to get Trump out of office as quickly as possible after the recent terror attack on the U.S. Congress.

Trump has been a liar, a cheat, a smug incompetent, and most recently, a criminal of the highest level and a traitor to the Constitution.

The election was not rigged, it wasn’t stolen, and there was no widespread voter fraud. In the 2 months since the election, no proof whatsoever of any of that has surfaced. Trump lost the election all on his own, through his performance as president in his first term.

He started all this long before the election with his allegation that if he didn’t win, it was all rigged. When the American people spoke via the ballot box and the result was not to his liking, he began the fraud myth, eventually sending his radical, far right, redneck minions to disrupt Congress, and kill a capitol policeman in the process.

Ronald Reagan no doubt turned over in his grave.

Jim Harrison