Property Transfers

Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties Oct. 22-29

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Vernon R. and Harriet Suzanne Collins Trust to Matthew W. and Kristin L. Trotter, 616 16th Ave., Fulton, $9,000.

⋅ Mary Ann Buckley to Andrew D. Hamstra, 16630 Browns Road, Morrison, $135,000.

⋅ Daniel L. Hansen to Alexis N. Hadaway and Dalton A. Davis, 200 W. Sixth St., Prophetstown, $120,000.

⋅ Joshua S. Huizenga to Katelyn E. Garrison and James A. and Rosanne Peska, 1300 Seventh Ave., Erie, $153,500.

⋅ Scott A. and Lindsey A. Garrison, Anne M. Smith, Joel D. Vroman and Rebecca S. Vroman Estate to Nancy Jane Buckley, 106 N. Fremont St., Tampico, $30,000.

⋅ Brenda S. Liggett to Ronald D. Stonitsch, 29420 Plautz Road, Rock Falls, $153,000.

⋅ Triple W. Properties Inc. to Barbara Bruketta, 2211 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $230,000.

⋅Jason and Hope Anderson to Monroe and Frances Kemerling, 318 East Ave., Prophetstown, $50,000.

⋅ Sari L. Hartmann and Jeffrey G. Hartmann Estate to Sari Hartmann LLC, two parcels in Montmorency Township, $0.

⋅ Kathy Jo Quick to Jessica M. Klendworth, Sheridan G. Ditzler and Meghan J. Quick, 505 and 513 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $0.

⋅ Kristi Olsen to Barton A. Cramer, 5124 Shirley St., Fulton, $307,000.

⋅ Christopher J. and Rebecca R. Pluister to Nicholas M. Brandenburg, 307 N. Bluff St., Albany, $115,000.

⋅ Amanda and Ryan Bradshaw to Richard Starkovs, 1511 Second Ave., Sterling, $127,000.

⋅ Firehouse of God Ministries to Sergio Arredondo, 505 E. Fourth St., Sterling, $25,000.

⋅ Chet William Stoecker to Brenda Greene, 14898 Sand Road, Fulton, $36,835.

⋅ Ronald and Susan Stonitsch to Bobbi J. Boyd and Robert Rooney, 28450 Knief Road, Rock Falls, $405,000.

⋅ Dillon and Brittany Hemminger to Ava Whiles, 604 W. 13th St., Sterling, $112,000.

⋅ Barbara J. Bruketta to Ezra O. and Kellie A. McClain, 2106 Melvin Drive, Rock Falls, $175,000.

⋅ Justin Smith to Christopher and Kaylyn Rae Gallegos, 28881 Surrey Drive, Sterling, $239,000.

⋅ Martha J. Wright to Steve and Ellen Wagner, 2009 E. Seventh St., Sterling, $96,000.

⋅ Gertrude L. Lowrie to Troy and Melinda Buyers, 2209 Maple Lane, Rock Falls, $180,000.

⋅ Thomas A. Workman to Lu Property LLC, 510 S. Madison St., Morrison, $30,000.

⋅ Terri and Richard Lund to Jevon Plog, 3905 Pine Hill Road, Sterling, $135,000.

⋅ Nicole M. and William Ristau to The Scorpions Installation LLC, 504 Ash Ave., Sterling, $50,000.

⋅ Todd A. and Susan J. Wilkens to John S. Johnson, 19389 Lincoln Road, Morrison, $84,000.

⋅ Brian J. and Megan Reinhart to Brendon L. McKenna, 107 E. South St., Morrison, $100,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Leola McPeak to Susan J. Soenksen and Leola McPeak, 708 S. Main St., Albany, $0.

⋅ Cecil M. and Judy K. Ward to Kenneth Dale Ward, 5306 South St., Galt, $0.

⋅ Ann F. Winter Estate to Nathan L. Conrad, 1603 Wilson St., Sterling, $110,000.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Welcome Home Trust to Maria Lucero Reynoso, 1011 W. Eighth St., Sterling, $68,000.

⋅ Camastro Marital Trust to Ryan and Amanda Bradshaw, 1907 Ave. E, Sterling, $224,000.

⋅ Lisa L. Chester Trust to Kari Anderson, one parcel in Portland Township, $0.

Executors deed

⋅ Seth D. Hill Estate to Julie and Kraig Grell, 805 W. 15th St., Sterling, $92,000.


⋅ Sheriff of Whiteside County, Theresa Marie Molina, also Lara and Morua and Jose Luis Molina Dominguez to FTH Holding LLC, 1005 Ave. F, Sterling, $28,000.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 10 02 126 004 to Larry G. McCormick, 24335 Fulfs Road, Sterling, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 22 22 228 013 to Karley Ketchum, 320 S. Main St., Tampico, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 11 20 231 011 to Lee and Jason Razo, 1503 Ave. K, Sterling, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 11 21 377 010 to City of Sterling, 204 W. Fifth St., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 11 21 306 014 to City of Sterling, 602 W. Seventh St., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 19 26 100 0019 to Czubin Industries, one parcel in Erie Township, $0.

⋅ Whiteside County, trustee, Trust No. 11 20 280 005 to Jerry Rodriguez, 1103 Ave. L, Sterling, $0.

⋅ Rutown LLC to TVRE Sterling LLC, one parcel on state Route 2 E. Lincolnway, Sterling, $500,000.

⋅ Mark D. Duchay Estate to Raymond Schwarz, 510 W. Fourth St., Rock Falls, $1,500.

⋅ Lakeview Loan Servicing to Nicholas Clay, 108 Fifth Ave., Sterling, $45,000.

Source: Whiteside County Recorders Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Steven Bollman to Janet E. Warner, one parcel in Nelson Township, $133,788.

⋅ Corey M. and Kelsey Lynn Reuter to Rick A. and Tamara S. Mills, 628 Reynoldswood Road, Dixon, $160,000.

⋅ Diane D. Olsen, also Wakeley, Robin Hubler, Richard A. Walls Jr., Christine D. Apple, Clint Overton, Cody P. Hines and Richard A. Walls to Nakia Van Drew, 1314 College Ave., Dixon, $65,000.

⋅ Edward C. Vock to Pollination Properties LLC, two parcels in Wyoming Township, $1,323,864.

⋅ Gary K. and Wilbur K. Espe, Karen L. Goff, successor trustee, to Neil and Jodi L. Suddeth, one parcel in Alto Township, $15,000.

⋅ Justin E. Mackey to Rock River Housing Trust, 529 Second Ave., Dixon, $11,000.

⋅ Rhonda K. Gross to Vicki Biederstedt and John Stockton, 305 E. First St., Sublette, $8,500.

⋅ Peter Torres to Sandra A. and Dennis Michael Pranczke Jr., block 2, lot 297, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

⋅ Nicole M. and Lonny J. Terzo to Katherine M. Saulnier and Michael J. Szymanski, block 9, lots 30-31, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $22,500.

⋅ Dana Beth and Guy R. Gelet to Jarizyarem and Luis G. Rodriguez Jr., block 29, lot 299, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,950.

⋅ Woodhaven Association to Robert Paul Esquivel, block 21, lot 229, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

⋅ Shelby A. and Jeffrey L. Potter to Ryan Mark Davidson and Sarah Marie Schreiber, block 25, lot 125, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $15,000.

⋅ Gary R. and Patricia A. Ramey to Jennifer E. and Jeffrey D. Caretto, block 23, lots 197-198, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $35,000.

⋅ John and Sandra Jensen to Jose and Monica I. Perez, block 17, lots 20-21, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $24,000.

⋅ Zulandrea and Eduardo Iniguez to Victor Manuel Soriano Canales and Nohemi Cristina Alvarez Romero, block 3, lot 241, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

⋅ Barbara J. Grison and Kathryn S. Nielsen to Doris A. and Mark E. Fialkowski, block 2, lot 162, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

⋅ Luis Gonzales to Rosa Garcia, block 9, lot 154, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Lana R. and Donald E. Ashford Jr. to Kasey Jane Thompson, 915 S. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $75,000.

⋅ Michael R. and Virginia A. Reilly to Erik Zimmerman and Megan Hampson, 1197 Pin Oak Road, Franklin Grove, $163,800.

⋅ Kenneth and Lois Helfrich to Travis Thompson, 515 E. Bradshaw, Dixon, $80,000.

⋅ Ryan M. McCoy to David R. and Ruby A. Salinas, one parcel in Sublette Township, $12,000.

⋅ White Oak Estates Inc. to Jared D. and Christinamercy V. Dambman, one parcel in Dixon Township, $59,500.

⋅ Linda L. Payne to Andres Garcia and Viridiana Salcedo, 545 Morgan Road, Amboy, $365,000.

⋅ Gennaro Spinelli to Taylor Shane and Carly Anne Ikens, 1284 Briar Knoll Road, Amboy, $166,250.

⋅ St. Mary’s Cement to Joey L. Frey, one parcel in Dixon Township, $65,000.

⋅ Tadb LLC to Ramos Properties LLC, 509 Pine St., 824 Zuend Court, 618 Cushing St., 415 Swiss St. and 605 High St., Dixon, $260,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Stella and Linda Wolfe to Mark and Tricia A. Cymerman, block 24, lot 104, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Mariana Prieto to Luis Rodriguez, block 11, lot 99, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Gerianne Arntzen to Nathan Kendzior, block 21, lot 103, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustees deed

⋅ Trust No. 101, John F. Hill and Suzanne M. Royer, co-trustees, to Craig A. Buhrow Trust, Craig A. and Marjorie E. Buhrow, co-trustees, one parcel in Bradford Township, $1,376,864.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Steve J. and Samantha L. Krenc to Nathan Groth, 3251 N. Timber Road, Polo, $100,000.

⋅ Alejandro and Rosa De La Cruz to Richard W. and Kirsten B. Ellis, 10757 Flagg Road, Rochelle, $225,000.

⋅ William H. Parkinson to Mark Remer, 14696 and 14708 E. state Route 72, Davis Junction, $124,000.

⋅ Mark J. Russel to Mark John Russel and Elissa Marie Russell, 5404 N. Leaf River Road, Mt. Morris, $150,000.

⋅ Cherryl Sparks to Cailin and Linda Crosbie and Joshua Crumpacker, 1401 Carrie Ave., Rochelle, $228,000.

⋅ Joel E. and Rachel L. Berry to Rachel Kristine and Austin Lee Moran, 926 N. 14th St., Rochelle, $104,000.

⋅ Milton R. and Ruth A. Hearyman to Kimberly Anne Mutimer, 4 N. Highland Court, Stillman Valley, $150,000.

⋅ Kayser Real Estate Development LP to APIF Illinois LLC, 232 N. Union St., Byron, $1,738,149.

⋅ Linda M. Beightol to Richard Keith Irvin, 2320 W. Cass St., Polo, $1,500.

⋅ Larry J. and Roberta H. Wetzel to Nicolle M. Molburg, Shawn J. Wetzel and Amanda M. Buttram, 202 N. 13th St., Oregon, $0.

⋅ Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Andrew Lee and Elaine Michelle Quenett, 5622 N. River Road, Byron, $50,000.

⋅ Edward C. Vock to Maia Woosung Farm LLC, one parcel in Woosung Township, $925,000.

⋅ Estate of Louan Dallman, the Late Louan Dallman by executor, to Charlotte Hockison, 1167 W. Second St., Byron, $185,000.

⋅ Silver Eagle LTD to Hub City Car Wash LLC, 840 S. Seventh St., Rochelle, $90,000.

⋅ Marc D. Folven to Daniel abd Rebecca Klenske, 3222 E. Mill Road, Byron, $187,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Randall Bruce Mitchell to Chad Dambman, 506 W. Fulton St., Polo, $9,000.

⋅ James and Debra Busser to Chad Dambman, 504 W. Fulton St., Polo, $9,000.

⋅ Edith Lynch to Edith Lynch and Tanya Wohlford, 891 N. White Rock Road, Kings, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Marian E. Janssen Irrevocable Trust, Brian V. Janssen, trustee, to Michael J. and Janet L. Greenfield, 508 and 602 N. Walnut Ave., Forreston, $65,000.

⋅ CLL Trust 519, Catherine L. Larsen, trustee, to Gary and Mary Ann Jablonski, 203 Bridlewood Circle, Dixon, $236,500.

Executor deed

⋅ Estate of Everett K. Brown, the late Everett K. Brown by executor, to Owen David Brown and Branninghan Niccoli Hutchison, 1225 S. Eagle Creek Road, Polo, $132,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorders Office