Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, Sept. 3-10

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ RSR Development LLC to David A. Olsen, one parcel of farmland in Garden Plain Township, $42,000.

⋅ Hortensia F. Cervantes to Mark Ballard, 1204 W. 17th St., Rock Falls, $12,000.

⋅ Randy and Julie Boonstra to KSDG Properties LLC, 1111 Fourth St., Fulton, $135,000.

⋅ Katherine Ann to Jennifer S. and John J. Butkus Jr., 102 Fairview Drive, Morrison, $6,000.

⋅ Mary Beth Butkus and Joan Erickson to Jennifer S. and John J. Butkus Jr., 102 Fairview Drive, Morrison, $17,000.

⋅ Andrew John and Debra Butkus to Jennifer S. and John J. Butkus Jr., 102 Fairview Drive, Morrison, $17,000.

⋅ Annette Kay and Susan Grace Butkus to Jennifer S. and John J. Butkus Jr., 102 Fairview Drive, Morrison, $11,500.

⋅ Evelyn M., Jennifer S. and John Joseph Butkus Jr. and Gregory and Elizabeth Wahl to Jennifer S. and John J. Butkus Jr., 102 Fairview Drive, Morrison, $33,500.

⋅ Michael John Butkus to Jennifer S. and John J. Butkus Jr., 102 Fairview Drive, Morrison, $17,000.

⋅ Maurice E. Bruns Jr. to Deborah A. Jensen, 1745 Tampico Road, Tampico, $56,500.

⋅ Koster Equipment Leasing LLC to Janice Lynn Calsyn, 15611 Willow Court, Sterling, $210,000.

⋅ Anthony M. Fox to Barbara and Gary Vaughn, 2208 E. Seventh St., Sterling, $125,000.

⋅ Clifton A. and Donna Dee Smith to Jeffrey A. Hulford, 3791 Balk Road, Fulton, $200,000.

⋅ Arlyn and Carol Bush Family Farms LLC to Richard and Diana Maronde, one parcel of farmland and 17869 Lyons Road, Prophetstown, $120,000.

⋅ Mikalah Maureen Rhodes to Heather L. Dauen, 902 W. 23rd St., Sterling, $66,000.

⋅ Kathy C. Stankee to Dillon Resh, 14839 Vans Road, Fulton, $278,000.

⋅ Vernon F. Johnson and Elaine S. Simpson to Donna L. Itken, 2007 11th Ave., Sterling, $0.

⋅ Sara Mae McCoy Estate, Patrick McCoy, Cheryl Rowzee and Christie Maddox to Christie Maddox, 1117 E. state Route 30, Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Teresa M. Lofgren to Amy S. and Gerald L. Clark, 21186 Mathew Road, Sterling, $365,000.

⋅ Allen L. and Donna Lynn Wagenecht to Greg and Jeanette E. Dent and Simon and Rachel McClenahan, 411 S. Genesee St., Morrison, $69,500.

⋅ Bryan M. Jones to Wayne Williamson, 1106 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $53,500.

⋅ Constance A. Holder and Sara M. Bellows to Brandon P. Bellows, 1212 Minkel St., Rock Falls, $92,500.

⋅ Barbara A. Beien, also Smith, to Colin Adams, 303 Grace Ave., Rock Falls, $77,000.

⋅ Jean M. Stillman to Dean and Lynn Munz, 3223 Mineral Springs Road, Sterling, $175,000.

⋅ Damien M. and Megan A. Rice to Geoff and Julie Wing, one parcel on East 36th Street, Sterling, $19,000.

⋅ Ronald R. Knox to Serena M. Close, 20954 Coleta Road, Sterling, $75,000.

⋅ Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust 20191 to Kolton Wright, 28619 Woodside Drive, Rock Falls, $45,000.

⋅ Donna Bielema to Tresa Wilkinson and Brad Law, two parcels of farmland in Newton Township, $0.

⋅ Tresa Wilkinson and Brad Law to Donna Bielema, one parcel of farmland in Newton Township, $0.

⋅ Donna Bielema to Jerry L. and Lori D. Norman Trust, one parcel on Archer Road, Albany, $360,000.

⋅ Steven P. and Sara E. Wiebenga to Salome Serrano Jr. and Rebekah Dearmond, 423 Haskell Ave., Rock Falls, $10,000.

⋅ First State Bank Mendota to FTH Holdings LLC, 1103 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $3,000.

⋅ Carol S. Razo to Samantha Valdez, 1410 Ave K, Sterling, $56,000.

⋅ Dale L. and Jane V. Richmond to Christopher Michael Anderson, 903 Ave. J, Sterling, $70,000.

⋅ David A. Wolf Sr. and Jr. Estate to Jeanne K. Osteen, 505 E. First St., Lyndon, $8,000.

⋅ Brent M. and Jaime A. Thomas to Connor J. Olson, 811 Island View Drive, Rock Falls, $185,000.

⋅ Steven R. and Ellen S. Wagner to Michael R. Wagner, 2111 14th Ave., Sterling, $80,000.

⋅ Brandon P. and Sara M. Bellows to Ethan M. Manson, 820 W. 19th St., Sterling, $93,000.

⋅ David and Monica Sanders to Benjamin L. Johnson and Calista M. Gilszmer, 28050 Knief Road, Rock Falls, $252,000.

⋅ Michelle K. and Clarence A. Linke to Jackie M. and Dustin D. Damhoff, 14985 Henry Road, Morrison, $465,000.

⋅ George M. Graham to Samantha Mecham Ainsworth, 307 N. Church St., Albany, $51,500.

⋅ Kimberly Ottenhausen to Amanda R. Durdan, 214 Ave C, Rock Falls, $63,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Archer Daniels Midland Co. to Union Pacific Railroad Co., one parcel in Garden Plain Township, $0.

⋅ Rick A. Bruder to Amelia Craig and Lindsay Morgan, 22155 Tampico Road, Chadwick, $0.

⋅ Cary J. Bruder to Amelia Craig, 302 E. Seventh St., Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Markman Peat Corp. to Neva D. Baar, 12712 Fenton Road, Morrison, $0.

⋅ Nicholas G. Novak to Dolan A. Duncan, 1408 Harvey Drive, Sterling, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Lavona K. Wiff Trust to David H. and Gloria J. Sproul, 1422 W. 21st St., Sterling, $165,000.

⋅ Anna Lorraine Stonesifer Trust to Juan Diego Rodriguez and Anaiza Uribe Flores, 1709 Ave K, Sterling, $122,000.

Executors deeds

⋅ Nancy June Bushong Estate to Samuella Myers, two parcels on Calhoun Road, Rock Falls, $0.

⋅ Nancy June Bushong Estate to Samuella Myers, 29048 Knief Road, Rock Falls, $0.


⋅ William L. Rutherford Jr. IRA to James M. McCune, three parcels of farmland and 15080 Lomax Road, Prophetstown, $1,896,500.

⋅ Whiteside County sheriff, Illinois Department of Revenue and Allison R. Brantley to Community State Bank, 1303 E. 16th St., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office.

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Marion Jackson to Erica T. McHenry and Demarcus M. Crawford, block 2, lot 107, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $12,000.

⋅ Christine and Michael Wiltgen to Todd T. and Constance A. Simon, block 10, lot 244, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $34,750.

⋅ John H. and Camille G. Baumgartner to Perla C. Nunez, block 26, lots 39-40, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $35,000.

⋅ Patricia A. Kenerson to Gabriella GonzalezTrigueros, block 17, lot 160, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $11,000.

⋅ Albert Paveza to Lidia Torres, block 23, lot 57, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $35,000.

⋅ Sandra D. and Alvin Ruchalski to Carlos and Olga M. Rosas, block 21, lot 224, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $28,000.

⋅ Leoncio and Maria Martinez to Gloria E., Lucas and Abraham Venegas and Victor D. Perez, block 25, lot 56, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

⋅ Lorraine M. Kilbey to James Woods, block 5, lot 421, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $44,000.

⋅ Flor Maria Gonzalez to Eliot and Michelle Velazquez, block 29, lot 86, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $12,500.

⋅ William D. and Yvette Handley to Marco Ortiz, 208 E. Everett St., Dixon, $189,900.

⋅ Yvette Handley, Marco V. Ortiz and William D. Handley to Tyler M. Stacey, 604 E. Third St., Dixon, $123,500.

⋅ Jeffrey S. Rugh to Patrick G. and Amanda Costello, 947 N. Brinton Ave., Dixon, $145,000.

⋅ Apostolic Assembly Of The Faith In Christ Jesus Inc. to Patrick M. and Helen A. McCaffrey 2020 Irrevocable Income Only Trust, Michael, Carl and Mark P. McCaffrey and Maureen Blackburn, Denise McCaffrey Ehrmann and Christa Lytle, co-trustees, 552 state Route 26, Amboy, $0.

⋅ Alicia K. Hall to Ashton Auto Repair LLC, 108 E. Lincoln Highway, Franklin Grove, $55,000.

⋅ Emily Meakins to Terri Stephens and Matthew Kolve, 1723 W. River St., Dixon, $165,000.

⋅ Larry K. Morgan to Scott and Susan Hodapp, one Parcel in Nelson Township, $30,000.

⋅ Hvarre Holdings LLC to Sonja Owen, 1725 W. River St., Dixon, $136,000.

⋅ Terri Lynn Stephens to William R. Crowson, 1535 Eadens Place, Dixon, $140,000.

⋅ Raynaldo Lee Measimer to Andrew and Rachel Tarr, 735 Green Wing Road, Amboy, $65,000.

⋅ Austin Rhodenbaugh to Jacqueline Olszewski, 123 Graham St., Dixon, $82,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Sergio Rivera to Maria Rosario Ruiz, block 22, lot 115, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Erwin H. Landaverry to Roberto Aguirre, block 25, lot 147, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Kali and Nicole Ware to Keith T. Fuelling, block 9, lot 99, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

⋅ Danielle Annoreno to Chassity and Anthony Amant, block 20, lot 42, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Julie and Elizabeth Kessel, also McCoy, to Julie and Donald E. Kessel, one parcel in Sublette Township, $0.

Trustees deed

⋅ Ryan F. and Katherine M. Lynch Living Trust, Ryan F. and Katherine M. Lynch, trustees, to Julissa R. and Phil Majka, block 5, lot 401, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office.

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Wayne and Amy Short to Robert Lawler, 1565 Brentwood Drive, Byron, $274,900.

⋅ Lloyd D. and Glenda K. Huntsman to Adrian and Taylor Rico, 383 Red Fox Drive, Davis Junction, $232,500.

⋅ Joshua J. Miller to Olivia Sebetka and Lucas J. Lorenz, 337 S. Hickory St., Stillman Valley, $175,000.

⋅ Dennis and Tammy Morris to Lori Morse and Timothy A. Horn, 8601 N. Yosemite Drive, Byron, $163,500.

⋅ Edward E. Phebus Sr. to Ernest Anthony Ziel, 1535 Southfield Lane, Byron, $170,000.

⋅ Consolidated Grain and Barge Co. to RLG Enterprises, 202 Railroad Ave., Chana, $1.45 million.

⋅ Koleen M. Kessen to Jaiswn LLC, 1000 N. Second St., Rochelle, $132,000.

⋅ Jonathan M. Lipscomb and Rosemary Schiavi to Tina M. La Born, 413 Hillcrest Ave., Rochelle, $107,000.

⋅ The late Alice B. Cross by heirs to Joseph D. Messenger, 203 W. Hitt St., Mt. Morris, $88,500.

⋅ Terrence M. Devine, also Terence to Cody A., Katrina C., Brett A. and Kathryn L. Lessman, 6103 S Hickory Road, Grand Detour, $74,000.

⋅ James C. and Barbara A. Miller to Benacio Garcia Jr., 8 W. Hitt St., Mt. Morris, $43,000.

⋅ Everett and Jennifer Albright to Phillip J. and Becki L. Bausone, 807 Franklin St., Oregon, $212,500.

⋅ Rick A. and Tamara S. Mills to Everett G. Albright, 1101 S. Third St., Oregon, $145,000.

⋅ David and Kimberly Conley to Bryce J. and Monica Hawkins, 9479 N. Woodgate Lane, Byron, $315,500.

⋅ Daniel M. and Lindsay M. Baker to Deanna McCahill, 403 S. Maple Ave., Polo, $130,000.

Quit claim deed

⋅ Cory J. Love to Cory J. Love and Heather L. Nelson, 425 N. Hannah Ave., Mt. Morris, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Scott W. Besse Family Trust, Lora E. Besse, trustee, to Gregory Christiansen, 114 E. Fifth St., Byron, $310,000.

⋅ The late Anita R. Fisk by executor to Leslie A. McPherson, 411 S. Congress Ave., Polo, $36,000.

Sheriffs deed

⋅ Ogle County sheriff and Walter C. Jones to Federal Home Mortgage Corp., 114 N. Hannah Ave., Mt. Morris, $0.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office.