Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Donald G. and Barbara J. Hinrichs to Joshua J. Pytel, 216 W. 14th St., Rock Falls, $128,000.

⋅ Reid A. and Holly A. Borcich to Jenna M. and Nicholas J. McClelland, 338 Washington St., Prophetstown, $95,000.

⋅ Mary Ann Love to Sandra G. Moore, 1510 Shore Acres Road, Rock Falls, $135,000.

⋅ Annette and Gary M. Valasquez to Jamie S. and Brooke M. Gisi, 1800 Teresa St., Rock Falls, $170,000.

⋅ CVI LCF Mortgage Loan Trust I to Gail Jellerichs, 2110 11th Ave., Sterling, $73,250.

⋅ Katrina Miles to Christopher M. Dingman, 810 First Ave., Sterling, $92,000.

⋅ James J. Evans to Anthony Lee and Billie Ruth Evans, 1100 Eighth Ave., Fulton, $0.

⋅ Bryson P. and Jamie L. Assenmacher to Kyle and Kayla Jackson, 1201 Second Ave., Fulton, $170,000.

⋅ Marjorie S. Gibson to Sandra and William F. Wulf, 607 W. Lincolnway Road, Morrison, $57,500.

⋅ Michael D. and Pamella S. Goessman to Joshua J. and Andrea K. Green, 29634 Deer Valley Drive, Deer Grove, $300,000.

⋅ Alan C. and Bernice J. McClain to Menno N. Schmucker, 10009 Kruger Road, Morrison, $220,000.

⋅ Jeffrey J. Spencer to Jamo LLC, 5741 Schafer Road, Fulton, $100,000.

⋅ Steven Miley to Timothy James Micek, 17955 Hillside Road, Morrison, $320,000.

⋅ Carolyn S. Dolph to Cristin and Jeffrey Newton, 1617 Milnes Drive, Fulton, $115,500.

⋅ Gail A. Jellerichs to Brian Michael Vetter, 909 W. 15th St., Sterling, $77,000.

⋅ Gary A. and Chyrel A. Magill to Sedrick M. James, 20624 Pilgrim Road, Chadwick, $205,000.

⋅ John M. Brady to JBF Properties LLC, 315 First Ave., Sterling, $153,000.

⋅ Kophamer Blean Property Management LLC Series IV to Katie N. Jakubs, 708 Milnes Drive, Morrison, $199,000.

⋅ Linda Bielema and Michalla Carr to Kyle A. Carr, 14476 Waller Road, Albany, $150,000.

⋅ Ty R. Tiesman to Leo A. Webb Trust, 1429 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $112,000.

⋅ Edward W. and Donna M. Nirnel to Kaleb R. and Taylor L. Hockman, 1330 Sand Road, Fulton, $230,000.

⋅ Angela L. Price to Amanda Briese, 1226 11th Ave., Fulton, $125,000.

⋅ Catherine Garrett Gibson to Nicholas Clay, 505 Dixon Ave., Rock Falls, $40,000.

⋅ Dan C. and Jessica C. Nance to Jose Boites, 617 Fifth Ave., Rock Falls, $19,000.

⋅ Betty L. Schutt to Samuel J. Hans, 2203 Canal St., Rock Falls, $70,000.

⋅ Antonia Hernandez Estate, Consuelo Bland, Ernesto Hernandez and Carol Kay Collins to Katrina R. Miles and Matthew S. Cornwell, 803 E. 15th St., Sterling, $125,000.

⋅ Jesus Colon and Ninfa Meza to Andrew Manzano and Ashley Cox, 1211 W. Seventh St., Sterling, $74,000.

⋅ Beans Books & Beliefs Inc. to Kurt and Brian Properties LLC, 121 E. Third St., Sterling, $81,500.

⋅ Laurie A. Zollinger and C. Andrea Benner to Mary K. Gassman, 1827 Second Ave., Sterling, $140,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Charles W. Brown Jr. to Brigitte M. and Paul D. Young, four parcels on Albany Road, Erie, $0.

⋅ Larry and Beth A. Stores to William E., Brenda J. and Kurt A. Stores and Kelly L. Jacobs and Kari A. Green, 22033 Waller Road, Fulton, $0.

⋅ Jose A. Velazquez to Richard A. Velazquez, 3414 A. St., Rock Falls, $0.

Trustee deeds

⋅ Lori D. and Jerry L. Norman Trust to Jason C. and Julie R. Norman, 12 farmland parcels in Whiteside County, $3.2 million.

⋅ Judith A. Henard Trust to Amy V. Carrington and Shawn Rosengren, 1410 W. 21st St., Sterling, $109,000.

⋅ Betty J. and Robert B. Slaymaker to Kyle Andrew Wiersema and Brian R. and Gail J. Tstad, 5515 Bunker Hill Road, Fulton, $113,000.

⋅ Tina M. Kehl Trust to Apex Hospitality LLC, 9001 Lincoln Road, Fulton, $1.2 million.

⋅ Tina M. Kehl Trust to Dawn Marie Sikkema, 1004 S. Cherry St., Albany, $135,000.

⋅ Raymond T. and Iona J. Harvey Trust to Illinois Department of Transportation, one parcel on Carroll Road, Morrison, $1,100.

Executors deed

⋅ Joan A. Stage Estate to Gerald Stage, 507 E. Eighth St., Rock Falls, $0.


⋅ Whiteside County sheriff, Michael Little, Sarah Vandersnick, Emily Carr, Sterling Federal Bank and Tim A. Little Estate to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 404 N. Main St., Coleta, $48,240.

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Linda Stewart to Benjamin R. Francque, 2500 Shoreline Heights Road, Sterling, $325,000.

⋅ Andrew Nelson to ZBest Enterprises Inc., 1118 Corregidor Road, Amboy, $32,500.

⋅ ZBest Enterprises to Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel Trust, Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel, trustees, 1118 Corregidor Road, Amboy, $0.

⋅ Anthony Cruz Delos Santos to Raelene N. G. Krug and Naythan A. Arreola, 1634 Riverview Lane, Dixon, $180,000.

⋅ Jarred A. and Heather D. Cavanaugh to Linda Stewart, 617 First Ave., Dixon, $170,000.

⋅ Tanner and Ashley Parrott to Dirk and Christopher J. Arbisi-Doughty, 124 Park St., Dixon, $120,000.

⋅ Brian A. and Lisa R. Kuster to Southside Rental Group LLC, 1015 S. Hennepin Ave., Dixon, $45,000.

⋅ Mark J. and Ashley Murphy to Nathan W. Trueblood, 812 N. Ottawa Ave., Dixon, $175,000.

⋅ Carolyn Sweeney Trier to Kyle D. Bouland, 308 E. Everett St., Dixon, $160,000.

⋅ MDS Rental Properties LLC to Rebecca A. Gordon, 1022 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $87,900.

⋅ Edward K. and Frank D. Hesik Jr., Angela M. Westmaas, Sheila A. Pierce, Tina Albertz and Frank D. Hesik Sr. to Christopher J. Holloway, 304 Seymore St., Sublette, $170,678.

⋅ Sarah Hinrichs and Debra Dickinson to Melody Schrock, 103 E. Hawley St., Amboy, $82,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ David Jacobson to Rachel and Joshua Steger, block 6, lot 13, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $11,000.

⋅ Rahen J. Barreto Cortes to Jacob Santiago, block 4, lot 38, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Lee Pederson to Lee Pederson and Gladys Parcus, 508 Third Ave., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Louis Digioia to Mad Dog Development Inc., 219 S. Locust St., Amboy, $0.

⋅ Ruth I. Mestre to Benlly G. and Milca D. Rosario, block 19, lot 94, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ Jose De Jesus Leon Loza and Natalie Leon to Lino and Leonel Campos, one parcel in Wyoming Township, $39,000.

⋅ William Halter to Stacey and Christopher Gustafson, block 24, lot 246, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

⋅ T&R Rentals LLC to Aemj LLC, 703 N. First St., Ashton, $0.

⋅ Erik and Beth Bodmer to Jamie and Shaun Bullock, 747 W. Second St., Brooklyn, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel Trust, Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel, trustees, to ZBest Enterprises Inc., 1749 Winding Road, Amboy, $0.

⋅ Beverly P. Noble Family Trust, Roxanne M. Stenzel and Roger D. Noble, co-trustees, to Lian Pedersen, 45 N. Jefferson Ave., Amboy, $116,000.

⋅ Carol A. Miller Trust, Michael F. Miller, successor trustee, to Brent A. and Amy L. Phelps, 432 Apple St., Dixon, $119,500.

⋅ Kevin J. Carr Trust 317, Kevin J. Carr, trustee, to Marcus Mossholder, 216 Arteson Place, Dixon, $95,000.

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Steve L. and Karol K. Livingston to Thomas and Phyllis Purple, 6881 N. Summit Drive, Stillman Valley, $250,000.

⋅ Judith A. Schier to Brittany Nicole and Daniel Phillip Dwyer, 107 E. Hill Crest Drive, Byron, $85,000.

⋅ Loretta L. Conry to Beth A. Wolber, 202 Martin Ave., Oregon, $190,000.

⋅ Richard Tosi to Alec W. and Vicki R. Lay, 4099 W. Timber Lane, Dixon, $163,000.

⋅ Elisha Casey to Joe and Maria G. Millan, 948 White Birch Lane, Davis Junction, $239,000.

⋅ Carol E. Reagan to 407 W. 4th St LLC, 407 W. Fourth St., Byron, $60,000.

⋅ Mary Lou Morrison and Nellie A. Wilson to K. Nicole Martinez, 312 Ave. H, Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Gregg A. and Paula Roushia to Christopher Erd and Elisha Casey, 8956 N. Mulford Road, Davis Junction, $325,000.

⋅ Rhonda J. and Lance A. Myers to Christopher Martin Greenwald and Kathleen Kane, 207 W. Avon St., Forreston, $114,900.

⋅ Ronald H. and Sharon D. Baker to Larry C. Miller, 1428 S. Lowell Park Road, Oregon, $107,500.

⋅ James W. and Margaret M. Beightol to Brenda L. and George W. Noble Jr., 4892 W. Pines Road, Oregon, $0.

⋅ Paul L. Carmichael to Gregory J. and Sarah E. Hackbarth, 111 Maple Ave., Rochelle, $180,000.

⋅ Michael J. and Joann M. Canciamille to Kent A. and Denise L. Johnson, 15787 E. Oak Tree Drive, Davis Junction, $245,000.

⋅ Lyle E. and Dorene Beck to Robbie C. Bucher, 17951 W. Young St. and 17980 W. Chambers St., Polo, $89,900.

⋅ Cody D. and Michelle Morris to Kevin and Scotlyn Schabacker, 105 N. Blackberry Circle, Dixon, $180,000.

⋅ Gary F. and Janet K. Messer to Kailana Force and Genevee Harold Guardianships, 504-506 N. Mississippi Drive, Dixon, $345,000.

⋅ Robert L. and Jenneffer Abejero Madden to David Bester, 826 N. Third St., Rochelle, $140,000.

⋅ Central Bank Il to Alan and Linda Mullenbach, 709 N. Main St., Rochelle, $4,500.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ The late Steven G. Stenzel by heirs to Lora A. and Jeremy A. Stenzel, 2755 Brooks Island Road and two parcels in Oregon-Nashua Township, $0.

⋅ Cedar Pine Holdings LLC, Joseph Olsen, trustee, to First State Bank, 610 S. Division Ave., Polo, $0.

⋅ Daniel Mark Gale to Real Decent Realty LLC, 402 S. Fourth St., Oregon, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Carol L. and Kenneth L. Eichholz Trust, Carol L. and Kenneth L. Eichholz, trustees. to Sarah J. and Cody A. Haenitsch, 1710 N. Summer Hill Road, Polo, $200,000.

⋅ Bruno C. Catalina Trust, Sandra Wadsworth, trustee, to Dennis Catalina, one parcel in Grand Detour Township, $10,500.

⋅ Terra Trust 11, John P. and Susan J. Kirk, trustees, to Gabriel H. and Lydia J. Mack, 253 S. Summer Hill Road, Polo, $179,900.

⋅ Dwayne A. and Marjorie K. Vaupel Revocable Trust, Marjorie K. Vaupel, trustee, to Phillip L. and Kristine L. Peterson, 706 E. Oregon St., Polo, $95,000.

⋅ Bennet Family Trust, Patricia Crane, trustee, to Edith H. Lynch, two parcels in Kings Township, $215,000.

⋅ Vernon and Donna Schrock Loving Trust, Donna Schrock, trustee to Richard Edward and Denise Anne Toms, 8068 N. Settlers Court, Byron, $235,000.

⋅ Luke T. Carmichael Trust, Lishya M. Carmichael, trustee, to Paul L. Carmichael, 111 Maple Ave., Rochelle, $0.

Sheriffs deed

⋅ Ogle County sheriff, Estate of Lois Irene Pauls, Nancy Behnke, Wells Fargo Bank, Norwest Mortgage and Sherry Zack to VRMTG Asset Trust, US Bank Trust, trustee, 710 Pines Road, Oregon, $0.