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In Sauk Valley, greater percentage of women than men are vaccinated against COVID-19

A greater percentage of women than men are vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sauk Valley.

That holds true even in Lee County, where men outnumber women.

Women make up 46.9% of the Lee County population, according to U.S. Census data.

But when it comes to the county’s vaccinated population, 50.5% are women, according to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

The disparity is greater in the other three counties.

In Whiteside, the fully vaccinated population is 54% women. In Ogle it’s 53.7%. In Carroll, 54.3%.

Statewide, 53.2% of the vaccinated population is women.


Ogle County leads the area with 7,221 booster shots. There have been 6,784 booster doses administered in Whiteside, 4,885 in Lee and 1,797 in Carroll.

Fully vaccinated

Lee County is 53.61% fully vaccinated, followed by Ogle at 50.93%, Whiteside at 47.62% and Carroll at 42.8%.


Sauk Valley schools have not experienced any new outbreaks, according to data updated on Nov. 29.

Schools that are investigating potential exposures are numerous, however. That includes 24 in Whiteside, 15 in Ogle, 12 in Lee and 1 in Carroll.

Most report fewer than five cases in a given building. But some involving more are:

Whiteside: Bi-County Special Education Junior High Life Skills in Sterling, more than 10. Erie Elementary School 5 to 10. Prophetstown High School 5 to 10. Washington Elementary 5 to 10.

Ogle: Byron High School 5 to 10. Highland Elementary School 5 to 10. Rochelle Middle School 5 to 10. Tilton Elementary School, more than 10.

Lee: Lee County Special Education ECE, 5 to 10. Lee County Special Education Transitions, 5 to 10. Reagan Middle School, more than 10.

Transmission rates

The four counties remain designated areas of high transmission. As of Dec. 1, here are the rates, given as number of cases per 100,000 people: Carroll 384.48, Ogle 373.20, Whiteside 337.11 and Lee 167.18.


Lee County Health Department reports 58 new cases in the span from Nov. 23 to Nov. 29. Fewer than five are hospitalized.

Among the new cases, 10 are persons in their 20s, nine are 12 and younger, nine are in their 40s and eight are in their 60s.

Another 55 Lee County residents are removed from isolation status.

Whiteside County Health Department reported 60 new cases and one recovery for a single day on Wednesday. In the previous 7-day period it had 186 new cases.

Ogle County had 189 new cases over the seven-day period and Carroll County had 55 new cases over the seven-day period.

Troy Taylor

Troy E. Taylor

Was named editor for Saukvalley.com and the Gazette and Telegraph in 2021. An Illinois native, he has been a reporter or editor in daily newspapers since 1989.