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Lee County to award $500,000 in aid to area businesses

DIXON – Lee County is looking to award nearly $500,000 in grants to 49 small businesses across the area.

Lee County received $6.6 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding, and $500,000 was put toward a small business grant program to help those who were negatively impacted by COVID-19.

The grant application process was open to small businesses through June 30 with requirements including having up to 25 employees; being open as of March 16, 2020, and still open to date; and being in a highly impacted industry such as tourism, hotel/motel , child care, restaurant, bar, tavern, event venue, performing arts, music or movie/theater venue, indoor recreation, health and fitness and retail.

Funds must go toward costs incurred between March 3, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2024. Projects must be completed, and funds fully expended by Dec. 31, 2026.

The Lee County ARPA Committee reviewed and voted on all of the applications last week with 49 getting the OK for funding and 13 that either didn’t qualify or were better suited for the county’s grant program for nonprofits and volunteer organizations.

The county’s finance committee approved the recommendations Thursday to be sent to the Lee County Board.

With a couple of exceptions, the businesses will each receive $10,404 totaling $499,988.

Denied businesses are given the opportunity to appeal and deliver a written statement to the county by Monday, so they can be considered by the Lee County Board Thursday when the group will make a final vote to approve the grants.

The following is a list of qualifying businesses and what the funds will go toward. All will receive $10,404 unless otherwise noted.

∗ 3′s Company LTD/Donna Jungels; loss of income, building structural items/replace fixtures

∗ Al & Ledas Pizzeria/Linda Napie; loss of income/replace cooler/ice machine, sewer line repair

∗ Alley Loop Saloon & Deli/Linda Durhum; loss of income, building restoration, tuckpointing and painting

∗ Amboy Long Branch LLC/Ashley Brokaw; loss of income, demolish neighboring building, create outdoor dining space

∗ Anois Studios LLC/Anne Hermes; loss of income, pivot business to offer laser cutting and engraving machine

∗ Anytime Fitness/Jay Krick; loss of income, membership, purchase of new equipment

∗ Asterisk/Judy Brantley; loss of income, expand line of bath and body products

∗ Baker Street/Margie Wildman; loss of income, flooring, cappuccino machine, refridgerator

∗ Basil Tree Ristorante/Jetmir Dalipi; loss of income, upgrade to point of sale system

∗ Beaver Den Tavern & Grill/Christine Bend, loss of income

∗ Bogey’s/Timbercreek Golf/B. Humphrey; loss of income, equipment replacement

∗ Books on First/Carolyn Chin Dempsey; loss of income, repairs and renovations

∗ Caribbean Tan/Sandi Reinhold; loss of income, replace roof, equipment repair

∗ Clipper Kiddies Christian Preschool/Liz Bedford; $5,000; asked to apply for small business program grant to receive remaining $5,000 request

∗ Crystal Cork/TCC1/Eric Brantley; loss of income, install deck for outdoor seating

∗ Drifters Saloon/Patrick Venier; loss of income, replace roof and HVAC

∗ Flynnie’s Diner/Marion Younger; loss of income, reapay debt incurred from COVID-19

∗ Fusion Salon/Kami Lappin; loss of income, updates to business due to delays from COVID-19

∗ Gambling Grape DBA Brandywine/Matt Prescott; loss of income

∗ Ginkgo Tree/Sebero Basillo; rent, food expenses, utilities, repay debt

∗ Huddle Café/Adelina Mimini; loss of income, repay small business loan

∗ Kaleel’s Clothing/Renee Kaleel; loss of income

∗ Lincoln Way Café/Flamure Rushiti; food costs, payroll, building maintenance, utilities

∗ Mama Cimino’s/Jim Gallentine; loss of income, training new employees

∗ McKenny Group/Lance Schaefer; $6,000; loss of income due to eviction moratorium

∗ Meraki SpaSalon/Vanessa Rubright; loss of income, improve HVAC and windows

∗ Meusel’s Dairy Delite/Mooselips Inc/Mary Meusel; loss of income, property investment

∗ Morrisey Properties of IL/Wes Morrisey; loss of income due to eviction moratorium

∗ MyPlayVillage/Ashley Venier; loss of income, expand retail, upgrades to space and marketing

∗ Palmyra Pub/Matt Prescott; loss of income

∗ Pam’s Hallmark/Britni Dvorak; loss of income, rising cost of supplies

∗ Railside Bar & Grill/Christa Hicks; loss of income, pay operating expenses

∗ Ralphie & Lulu’s/David Balch; loss of income

∗ Red Apple Dixon/Esat Bajrami; loss of income, operating expenses, repairs, updates and maintenance

∗ River’s Edge Inn/Richard and Julie Tun; parking lot, riverfront, food costs

∗ Royal Palms/Bill Eastman; loss of income, new roof, exterior repairs

∗ Route 52 Roadhouse/Darrelin Hess; loss of income, hire staff, pay bills, make changes requested by health department

∗ Smoking Deal LLC DBA Triple P BBQ II/Jen Schwindenhamm; loss of income, catch up on pass due invoices

∗ Stone Bridge Running/Grace Crowe

∗ Sunset Inn Restaurant/Toni Mimini; loss of income

∗ The Last Stop/Rick Quaco; loss of income, ice machine, parking lot, flooring

∗ Tipsy LLC/Linda Burkitt; loss of income, cooler, building facade, exterior door

∗ Town & Country Restaurant/Billy Bajramoski; loss of income, new roof

∗ Traditional Wellness Center/Carol Krueger; loss of income, repay debt

∗ Travel Consultants/Colleen Brechon; loss of income

∗ Treins/Eric Brantley; loss of income, update gem lab

∗ Two Sisterson Main LLC/M. & N. Willahan, S. Koch; loss of income, coolers, equipment, business promotions

∗ Val’s Place; loss of income

∗ Zero’s Tap/Gina Christofferson; loss of income, repay debt

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers

Rachel Rodgers joined Sauk Valley Media in 2016 covering local government in Dixon and Lee County.