Property transfers for Lee, Ogle and Whiteside County, filed August 2023

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Jesse and Catherine A. Vandewostine to Dianne Daubard, 804 12th St., Erie, $177,500.

Marilyn Mosher Prew to Allison Michel and Michael Boland Arnold III, 1009 Weaver Road, Sterling, $249,900.

David N. and Barbara R. Grater to Tyler M. Sweenie, 20150 Carroll Road, Morrison, $169,900.

Anna Lou Chamberlain Estate, Rosemary Whitaker, Cassandra Meiners, Eugenie Olalde, Joseph and Louann Chamberlain and Vanessa L. and Todd R. Fernow to Natasha Nicole Harris, 1403 Third Ave., Sterling, $82,000.

David R. Cochran to Mooney May, 10086 Landmark Drive, Rock Falls, $269,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Kerry Grim, 302 S. Hall St., Morrison, $93,000.

Rodney G. and Karen S. Klecker to Wellsie Properties, 10 E. Miller Road, Sterling, $300,000.

Rock A. and Tamara S. Mills to Jawana Kitchens, 1101 E. 16th St., Sterling, $67,500.

MCLP Asset Co. to Gerardo Rascon and Maria Cabrera, 1107 Ave L, Sterling, $29,500.

Thomas H. and Jessica A. Senneff, now Thiel, to Fulton Township, 408 11th Ave. (Thomas Senneff Law Firm), Fulton, $144,000.

Quit claim deeds

James M. McCune to Mitch and Julie Morse, 15467 Lomax Road, Prophetstown, $0.

Keith Decker to Teresa Decker, 325 10th St., Fulton, $0.

Kenneth Jay Estate, Linda Anschutz, Dennis Jay and Eric Petersen to Linda Anschutz, 25091 Front St., Sterling, $0.

Trustees deeds

Arlene R. Dykema Trust to Cathy Jo Baca, 1412 Fourth Ave., Fulton, $0.

Alice B. Ports Trust to David C. and Kelly A. Broitman, 706 Second Ave., Sterling, $148,900.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

James R. and Jennifer Knetsch to Logan C. and Erika R. Hancock, 2801 Reynolds, Road, Steward, $530,000.

Robert C. Colwell to Colwell Farms Partnership, one parcel of farmland in Franklin Grove Township, $6,600.

Naylor Roots LLC to Colwell Farms Partnership, one parcel of farmland in Franklin Grove Township, $8,040.

Leonard P. Steen to Agustin Luna Maldonado and Fabiola Arevalo De Luna, 105 U.S. Route 30, Harmon, $10,000.

April Strong, Donna Henson, Tracy Miller and Robert K. and Ruth Evans to Kevin T. and Joann K. Smetters, 2082 Grand Detour Drive, Dixon, $205,000.

Elizabeth Moreno to Kristen S. Frieberg, 1105 Eastern Ave., Dixon, $175,000.

Carol A. and Charles E. Fisher Jr. to GSN Rental Properties LLC, four duplexes at 464 Pine Hill Drive, Dixon, $495,910.

Kelli, Paul D. and Kathie Niedra to Robert Freres and Shelby Gilkerson, 612 N. First St., Ashton, $168,000.

Jeanetta D. Gries to Thomas A. and Lindsay J. Daniels, 208 N. Davis Ave., Amboy, $153,100.

Loretta K. Shilling to Einar B. and Jacklyn M. Trygstad, 12 Palmyra Road, Sterling, $200,000.

Matthew C. and Katherine Avery to BGRS Relocation Inc., 1056 Idle Oak Run, Dixon, $340,000.

Jacqueline Franklin, also Jacquelyn, and Matthew P. Schirmer to Pamela J. Oleson, block 17, lot 154, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $17,500.

Edward C. and Patricia A. Reedy to Rhonda Lynn Hatton, block 26, lot 135, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $40,000.

Christopher and Edwina Lamont to Christopher S. and Maryann E. Soraparu, block 5, lot 396, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $53,000.

Katarzyna and Andrzej Lapsa to Ana M. Lozano, block 24, lot 14, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $25,000.

Deborah Jean and Walter Louise Reynolds Jr. to Carlos B. and Avigale B. Austria, block 10, lot 312, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $20,000.

Mary A. Salvatore and Richard R. Hardt to Robert and Janis Yager, block 16, lot 217, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $60,000.

Barbara Jasek to Carlos Bravo Estrada, block 15, lot 30, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $20,000.

Brian K. and Rachelle A. Putman to Roy Alan and Rebecca Dawn Steeves, block 23, lot 29, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Quit claim deed

Lee County to Darrel and Patricia Thomas, 2500 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $0.

Trustees deed

Sara C. Baal Revocable Trust, Sara C. Baal, trustee, to Renee K. Anderson, 1721 W, River St., Unit 1, Dixon, $167,000.

Executors deed

Doris I. Pitchford and Jeanna I. Thomas, independent executor, to George P. and Shane Scott Fichtenmueller, 1803 W. Ninth St., Dixon, $12,750.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

The House Gal LLC to Ashtin Bjorklund, 420 E. Hill St., Mt. Morris, $97,000.

Richard A. Reeves III to Cynthia Malkmus, 105 N. Nohe Ave., Oregon, $76,500.

Linda L. Hammond to Samuel L. and Lauren E. Gardner, 15828 E. Timberlane Drive, Davis Junction, $251,000.

Donna J. Benhart to Larry G. Wickman, 212 W. Front St., Mt. Morris, $115,000.

Dustin K. and Sarah A. Spears to Brian K. and Kelly S. Patterson Duncan, one parcel in Brookville Township, $191,549.

Ralph M. and Lori Peterson to Chris and Anna Kusnierz, 4969 E. Ashelford Drive, Byron, $215,000.

Robert and Karen Day to Richard Bowman, 1243 Sunnymeade Drive, Rochelle, $222,300.

David W. and Michelle M. Arand to Trent R. and Thomas J. Brass, 9248 N. Kishwaukee Road, Byron, $580,000.

Russell L. Squires Jr. to Jerry L. and Christina M. Meyer, 5270 N. Kufalk Lane, Byron, $426,000.

Nona A. Forster to Jonathan K. Poling and Katisha A. Turner, two parcels in Buffalo Township and 105 S. Jackson Ave., Polo, $139,500.

John Girone to Douglas M. Knodle Trust 1, 761 N. Brookview Drive, Byron, $156,500.

Marian L. Austin to Ewa and Alojzy Czaplinski, 206 Drake Ave., Rochelle, $210,000.

Contry Homes Group LLC to Adham Ralev, 200 Autumnwood Lane, Davis Junction, $247,345.

Mehrdad Ghazanfari and Kowsar Ahmadikia to Armando Lemus and Perla Moreno Rangel, 415 S. Third St., Rochelle, $145,000.

Trustees deed

Decker Trust 91, Marc C. Decker, trustee, to Candase C. Price, 810 Midway Court, Oregon, $246,000.

Executors deed

Estate of Dennis J. Davey and the late Dennis J. Davey by executor Bradley Glen Dickey, to 5143 S Woodlawn Road and 301 W North St., Creston, $0.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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