Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed July 28-August 4

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

Theodore C. James to Terry J. Beswick, one parcel on Waller Road, Fulton, $25,000.

Jeremy M. Nanninga to Ronald J. Davisson, 5389 Fargo Road, Erie, $100,000.

Gary L. Ottens to Melissa Fay Hood, 502 S. Madison St., Morrison, $52,900.

Michael and Colleen Buckwalter to Jason Backes, 105 Prospect St., Morrison, $185,000.

Timothy R. Morris to James Snyder, 507 12th Ave., Fulton, $125,000.

M. Kathy Ballard to Donald E. Schmitt, one parcel on Fulfs Road, Sterling, $10,000.

Jacqueline S. Walters to Gehrig W. Koerner, 1419 W. 23rd St., Sterling, $154,000.

Sherry L. Weuste, Sandra L. Huisenga, Sheila L. Smith, Sally L. Marburger, Shelley L. Goodell, now Kupfer, and Steven L. Gould to Jace Bryant, 15660 Ebson Road, Fulton, $154,500.

Yorel E. Diedrich Estate, Marilyn A. Diedrich, Evan L. Diedrich and Sharon E. Kratwell to Jerry Murray, 24210 Hillcrest Drive, Sterling, $165,000.

Ruth R. Morthland to Julie L. Damhoff and Joann S. Ottens, 15479C Henry Road, Morrison, $0.

Lynn W. and Laura J. Wiese to Matthew J. and Amanda S. Jacinto, 15171 Vans Road, Fulton, $185,000.

David J. Symington to Brandi N. Styles, 306 E. Wall St., Morrison, $87,500.

Gary L. and Phyllis Schreiner to Becky Hunter, 1204 14th Ave. Rock Falls, $75,000.

Dennis A. and Patricia L. Aldrich to Steven J. Smith, 608 Fourth Ave., Sterling, $77,500.

Michael G. Nielsen to Charles H. Austin II, 29089 Summerdale Road, Rock Falls, $99,900.

Inez M. Willett to M&W Investments LLC, 2805 A St., Rock Falls, $26,000.

Kyle W. Sanders to Ture Person, 605 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $32,000.

Mark L. Henson to Magdalena Castillo, 1203 13th Ave., Sterling, $85,000.

Carolann Wesolowski to Rocky and Darcie McGowen, 508 E. Ninth St., Rock Falls, $94,500.

Rocket Mortgage LLC, formerly Quicken Loans LLC, formerly Quicken Loans Inc. to Richard Earl Loveless, 814 W. Park St., Morrison, $36,555.

Jill R. Royer to Joseph D. Catalano Jr., 705 Wiker Drive, Rock Falls, $154,900.

Glenn A. Frank to Ryan R. and Sarah E. Wiersema, 13568 Lyndon Road, Morrison, $164,667.

Gary L. Sandrock to Zachery and Emma Miller, one parcel on Autumn Street, Rock Falls, $60,000.

Macon Super Wash Inc. to Jeremy E. and Kelly L. Brooks, one parcel on Lawrence Lane, Prophetstown, $12,000.

Quit claim deeds

MCLP Asset Co. to GSMS20211 Trust, US Bank, trustee, 604 Ninth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

David Alvarado and Graciela Solis Tellez to Jose and Rigoberto Salas and Isidro Salas Herrera, 26609 Avers Road, Sterling, $116,560.

Trustees deeds

Rock River Housing Trust, Susan J. Spratt, trustee, to Taime Joe Don Baker, 1207 Mulnix St., Rock Falls, $129,900.

Ellen Pessman and Scott Bechtel, trustees, to Carol Bechtel Revocable Trust, 9643 Spring Valley Road, Fulton, $0.

Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Living Trust to PMP Holdings LLC, one parcel on 35th Avenue, Sterling, $250,000.

Dang Family Trust, Vu Dang and Levan Nguyen, trustees, to Barbara Tieman, 2101 Seventh Ave., Sterling, $205,000.

Executors deeds

David R. Percycoe Estate to Alvina T. Glenn Trust, 1106 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $125,740.

David Geerts Estate to Brody L. Grimes, 407 N. Bluff St., Albany, $135,000.

Shirley E. Booth Estate and Dean A, Ahlers to Conkling Real Estate Management, 614 11th Ave., Rock Falls, $10,000.

Francis J. McNinch Estate to Joseph and Michelle Lewis, 412 E. Eighth St., Rock Falls, $41,000.


Whiteside County sheriff and Cheri A. Uhler to Champaign Investment LLC, 116 Ferry St., Prophetstown, $0.

Richard J. Denny Estate to Jaimie L. Whiles, 213 W. 13th St., Rock Falls, $50,000.

Whiteside County sheriff and Barbara J. Hahn to Lakeview Loan Servicing, 302 E. North St., Morrison, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

Scott R. and Jennifer Oros to Anthony Corda and Melissa Freeland, 341 Flagg St., Paw Paw, $269,000.

Raul and Paula Macias to Nancy E. Whiting and Leslie Marini Tisby, block 19, lot 91, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $23,000.

Philip M. O’Grady to Bradley J. Drake, block 29, lot 192, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $8,300.

Manuel Rios and Anthony Negron to Angel L. Velez, block 24, lot 122, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Martin A. Witeck to Victor John Slopecki, block 4, lot 114, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

Donald C. and Marilyn E. Lewis to Jerry D. Mehrens Jr., block 26, lot 218, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $26,000.

Marvin E. and Rose Mary Vigadi to Jose M. and Rosario Q. Del Valle, block 10, lot 182, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $57,500.

Richard L. and Gwendolyn Brunt to Michael Battaglia, block 6, lot 120, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,600.

Elena M. and Jean J. Kasprzak to Brenda Williams, block 5, lot 136, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,000.

Jo Anne Staton to Terry W. Wickwire, block 29, lot 370, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $22,000.

Scott and Tiffany Rampage to Stanley R. Nelson Trust, Stanley R. Nelson, Trustee, block 7, lot 202, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $14,500.

Jessica Burkert and Eric Rieman to Douglas and Chelsea R. Hunter, block 17, lot 103, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $15,000.

Danny Eugene Roos to Joshua Michael Beach, 907 N. First St., Ashton, $65,000.

William F. and Victoria A. Wright to Shea Drew, 314 Steele Ave., Dixon, $155,000.

Connektd Properties LLC and Aquil Khan to Jessica L. Vandusen, 1622 Brandywine Lane, Dixon, $150,000.

Bill and Fay Pappas to Anthony A. and Lisa R. Winstead, 741 Sterling Road, Dixon, $137,000.

Kelly G. Hicks to Sublette Farmers Elevator Co., 105 S. Front St., Sublette, $75,000.

Kathleen F. Helfrich to Kenneth D. Coleman, 123 Shady Lane Drive, Dixon, $144,000.

William Roseman to Michael McDonald and Linda M. Rapata Reyes, 2113 Grand Detour Road, Dixon, $275,000.

Quit claim deeds

Larry C. Phetteplace to Jeremy and Shawna Lecompte, block 5, lot 330, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,843.

Edwin E. Helt to Kenneth E. Rassmussen, one parcel in Nelson Township, $3,500.

Trustees deed

Sonja R. Jenkins Trust, Central Bank Illinois, successor trustee, to Joseph T. and Susanne E. Heavner, 531 Morgan Road, Amboy, $353,000.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

AJ Homes LLC to Levi Smith, 1110 Lincoln Highway, Rochelle, $119,000.

Habitat For Humanity of Ogle County Inc. to Ashlie C. Minton, 110 S. Ninth St., Rochelle, $147,000.

Galen and Denise Bennett to Katelynn A. Molnar, 220 N. Peru St., Byron, $95,000.

Matthew P. Beck and Bambi Blanco to Paige and Jonathan Staples, 871 Prairie Lily Lane, Davis Junction, $305,500.

Nils and Connie Von Kendell to Jami Ganziano and James and Dana Clingingsmith, three parcels in Byron Township, $26,000.

DCL Properties LLC to Ramos Properties LLC, 502-506 E. Third St., Leaf River, $185,400.

Mid First Bank to Alecxia Ramirez, 108 N. Wesley St., Mt. Morris, $57,500.

Lisle G. and Patricia A. Harris to Pretzel City Builders LLC, 301 S. Blaine St., Leaf River, $40,000.

David A. and Rebecca A. Marburger to Dylan L. and Kelsey L. Schmitz, 853 Hillside Drive, Byron, $372,500.

Lothan LLC to Paul Corgiat, 320 Ave. E, Rochelle, $87,500.

Scott V. Lavender to Mahfuzur Rahman MD and Masuma Parvin, 814 N. Seven Hickory Road, Byron, $201,000.

Sharon Lee and John H. Stelter Brock O. and Amanda M. Johnson, 9245 N. Oakleaf Court, Byron, $324,000.

Cole J. and Sandra Henert to John Wall, 307 N. Walnut St., Stillman Valley, $199,000.

Nikolas S. Diemer to NWEC Properties LLC, 314 W. Washington St., Oregon, $425,000.

Brian and Karalyn Gross to Jose and Maria M. Rodriguez, 1443 Rock Island Road, Davis Junction, $299,000.

Keith and Linda Wolsztyniak to Lishya Carmichael, two parcels in Byron Township, $106,000.

Neil A. and Christa L. Merdian to Elizabeth A. Jenkins Living Trust, Elizabeth A. and Timothy J. Jenkins, trustees, 601 E. Colden St., Polo, $123,000.

Logan C. and Erika R. Hancock to Matthew and Stephanie Sesslar, 772 W. Jennie Lane, Oregon, $437,500.

Richard E. Tosi II to Matthew W. and Carol A. Pence, 312 Cuyahoga Drive, Dixon, $210,000.

Andrew and Jessica Bollhoefer to Robert Edwin and Elizabeth Leonard Otter, 5123 S. state Route 2, Oregon, $307,500.

David and Marsha Folk to Cory D. Folk, 506 W. Oregon St., Polo, $80,000.

The late Jack H. Schutten by heirs to Anthony J. Bussan and Alicia M. Zeller, 7176 S. Lost Nation Road, Dixon, $425,000.

Andrew C. Shawl to Kelly A. Rains, 936 Ave E, Rochelle, $130,000.

Stephanie Welsh and Darrell and Stephanie Phillips to Lindsay and Gregory Olson, 113 Harvest Glenn Drive, Davis Junction, $210,000.

Paul J. and Samantha M. Reed to Christopher N. and Allison Rollin, 116 S. 10th St., Rochelle, $141,000.

Solar Homes LLC to Victor V. Zaderej and Pauline McGann, 3588 S Daysville Road, Oregon, $0.

Trustees deeds

Charles J. and Eileen Y. Knie Trust, David C. Knie, trustee, to Whatever We Endeavor LLC, 305, 307 and 309 S. Division Ave., Polo, $270,000.

Maxine M. Osborne Revocable Trust 1, Michele, also Michelle, Stretz, trustee, to Christy J. Settles, 101 S. Jackson Ave., Polo, $97,500.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff and Joseph T. Vodak to Ewa and Alojzy Czaplinski, 5839 S. Indian Trail, Rochelle, $265,000.


R. L. Gaul Properties LLC to Kellen Smith and Angela Landrowski, 303 N. Cherry Ave., Polo, $60,000.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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