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Property transfers for Whiteside, Lee and Ogle counties, filed Sept. 9-16

Sauk Valley property transfers

Whiteside County

Warranty deeds

⋅ John R. Bonneville Trust, Daneen M. Sandrock, trustee, to Derick M. Bonnecille, 3102 Dawn St., Rock Falls, $150,000.

⋅ John R. Bonneville Trust, Daneen M. Sandrock, trustee, to Derick M. and Rebecca Bonneville, 305 W. Second Ave., Lyndon, $75,000.

⋅ Douglas Harridge to Thomas and Patricia Hanig, 205 Towne St., Morrison, $153,600.

⋅ Lewis and Mary Weaver to Susan and David M. Frey Jr., 11048 Spring Valley Road, Fulton, $0.

⋅ John K. Dorenbos to Morgan Taylor and Jordan L. Johnson, 1608 16th Ave., Sterling, $65,000.

⋅ Michael V. and Nelda L. Sutton to Justin and Megan Pratt, 209 Ave B, Rock Falls, $86,000.

⋅ Charles A. Rogers Jr. to Rentco LLC, 502 E. Fourth St., Sterling, $75,000.

⋅ DG Enterprises LLC to Jordan L. and Morgan Taylor Johnson, 1302 Lincoln St., Rock Falls, $25,000.

⋅ Briana Hayes and Brandon D. Howard to Jennifer Carber, 1020 Albany St., Erie, $138,000.

⋅ Richard and Theresa Walters to Andy Nava Correa and Javier Cayetano Lopez, 1826 Third Ave., Sterling, $155,000.

⋅ Hermas Family Farms LLC to Lynn M. Cassens Trust, two parcels of farmland in Sterling Township, $1.45 million.

⋅ Brenda Greene to Meghan M. Houzenga, 14898 Sand Road, Fulton, $0.

⋅ Amy R. and Lewis Williamson to Leo and Krista Hernandez, 28860 Thome Road, Rock Falls, $265,000.

⋅ Tyler J. Scott to Wesley Eugene and Leigh Perkins, 1710 Ave L, Sterling, $109,000.

⋅ Micheleen Kubale to Craig C. Simester, 505 Ninth Ave., Sterling, $41,000.

⋅ Mark L. Henson to Kymberly and Colton Zigler, 1110 Second Ave., Sterling, $70,000.

⋅ Dale L. and Frances Jo Bielema to Wayne G. Treskon, 413 E. North St., Morrison, $15,000.

⋅ Kimberly R. and Bruce A. Hunter Jr. to Bruce A. Hunter Trust, 16031 Greenland Drive, Morrison, $295,000.

⋅ Richard J. and Diana J. Weissenberger to Maxine A. Whistler, 1405 Fourth Ave., Fulton, $242,000.

⋅ Mary Jane Fiet, Kathryn A. Eagle and Karen J. Marshall to Scott Kunau, 712 Valley View Drive, Fulton, $215,000.

⋅ Joseph A. and Staci Hansen to Blaine R. and Erin M. Allen, 11851 Albany Road, Albany, $225,000.

⋅ Zachery Scott to Darren R. and Diane K. Mosher, 342 W. Fifth St., Prophetstown, $98,000.

Quit claim deed

⋅ Jose Rodriquez Melendez to Dzelil Osmani, 1602 Fourth Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

Trustee deeds

⋅ Richard and Nedean A. Chavez Trust to Albany Farms LLC, 9955 Meredosia Road, Albany, $0.

⋅ Donna M. Bierman Trust, Farmers National Bank, trustee, to Leta A. Vanzuiden, 505 Jenkran St., Unit 1, Morrison, $104,900.

Executor deeds

⋅ Thomas Buckingham Estate to Alexander P. and Michelle Nickrent Crump, 411 W. Miller Road, Sterling, $155,000.

⋅ Richard C. Parkinson Estate to Richard and Julie Damhoff, 16100 Greenland Drive, Morrison, $245,000.

⋅ Lois A. Ukena Estate to 309 Homes LLC, 1816 Thome Road, Sterling, $82,500.


⋅ Whiteside County sheriff and Mark Hungerford to Federal National Mortgage Association, 111 E. Third St., Prophetstown, $0.

⋅ Susan K. Newman to Tya M. Boucher, 100 W. Kimball Road, Tampico, $0.

⋅ Maria D. Cruz Estate, Integrity Investment Fund LLC and Whiteside County circuit judge to city of Sterling, 609 W. Fifth St., Sterling, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Sydney Fistler to Blake E. Brunson and Madison L. Armstrong, 1215 Brigadoon Drive, Dixon, $$152,000.

⋅ Diane C. Koster to Ronnie Dale and Carolyn Morse, 1733 Plock Road, Dixon, $185,000.

⋅ Pamela R. Ortgiesen to Kathy Jo and James Ortgiesen Jr., one parcel of farmland in Marion Township, $50,000.

⋅ Pamela Marks, Carlene Masters, Wanda Nicholson, Rhonda Sipple and Joyce M. and William Cover to Dasmir Dalipi, 1200 W. Sixth St., Dixon, $75,000.

⋅ Greg A. Wilslef to James and Heather Cooper, 3420 Howlett Road, Paw Paw, $228,000.

⋅ Ryan L. and Tara L. Mackey to Alex Didier and Meaghan Ashworth, 1908 Maples Road, Dixon, $350,000.

⋅ Wojciech and Grazyna Duda to Leonard W. and Michelle Lynn Kokalj, block 23, lot 14, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $14,000.

⋅ Ariel Delao to Antonio Dominguez, block 2, lot 202, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $18,000.

⋅ Timothy S. and Jennifer D. Caravia to Paul Leonard and Marlene C. Lehr, block 22, lot 70, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,000.

⋅ Francisco Partida to Amalio Corral, block 17, lot 127, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $9,000.

⋅ Christopher Wahmann to Matthew S. and Amy Jo Schmelter, block 29, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $18,500.

⋅ Erin Schreiner to Francis M. and Margie Manning, block 21, lot 54, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $18,000.

⋅ Maria I. and Luis N. Guzman to Dorian Aspacia Matias-Williams, block 11, lot 132, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,000.

⋅ Claudia I. Gaona Vargas to Tyler Bushman, 809 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $0.

⋅ White Oak Estates Inc. to Mark A. and Bernadine C. Hittlet, 266 Upland Ave., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Carolyn and Jean Sterenberg to Kelsie K. and Gregory L. Greer II, 520 Devonshire St., Dixon, $115,000.

⋅ Connie Lanette Bushman, Connie K. Blum and Paul Brent, Lanny Wade, Blake Andrew and Connie Erisman to Donald L. Conkle Jr., 1598 Franklin Grove Road, Franklin Grove, $125,000.

⋅ John and Tina Weems to Kristina Spangler, 519 Second Ave., Dixon, $128,000.

⋅ David G. and Anne E. Noble to William J. and Debra Chaplin, 1917 W. Leopard Drive, Dixon, $410,000.

⋅ Thelma F. Turek to Robert C. Grover, 218 S. College Ave., Dixon, $21,600.

⋅ Shirley Johnson to Emma and Brody Miller, one parcel of farmland in Brooklyn Township, $0.

⋅ Janice G. Staley to Jacob W. Gorski, 312 Ferris St., Dixon, $135,000.›

⋅ Donna M. and John A. Hodge to Gregory S. Delhotal, 1461 County Line Road, Lee, $100,000.

⋅ Realtynet Tic Investments LLC to Terry W. and Anita P. Cook, 1614 Galena Ave., Dixon, $300,000.

⋅ Realtynet Tic Investments LLC to Hugus Building LLC, 1614 Galena Ave., Dixon, $319,191.

⋅ Realtynet Tic Investments LLC to Steven Kaspick, 1614 Galena Ave., Dixon, $250,000.

⋅ Realtynet Tic Investments LLC to William L. and Lisa M. Stryker, 1614 Galena Ave., Dixon, $125,000.

⋅ Realtynet Tic Investments LLC to Bin Liang, 1614 Galena Ave., Dixon, $325,000.

⋅ Dixon Public Schools to city of Dixon, 620 Division St., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Joseph and Carolyn Busch and Brian and Nancy Dittmar to Douglas and Justin Durdan, 907 state Route 251, Compton, $2 million.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ Jeb and Alisa Stewart to Mary Collie, 1306 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $0.

⋅ Kyle Thomas and Maricela Rosa to Kenneth Jones, block 5, lot 112, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $17,500.

⋅ John J., Richard P. and Denise A. Nigro, also Hu, to Slanting Tower LLC, one parcel of farmland in Sublette Township, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel Trust, Delbert C. and Susan E. Kessel, trustees, to Darrin D. and Deanna E. Barlow Trust, Darrin D. and Deanna E. Barlow, trustees, eight parcels in Amboy Township and three parcels in Marion Township, $0.

⋅ William S. and Sandra Siemer Revocable Trust, William S. and Sandra Siemer, trustees, to Grant and Whitney Rupp, 976 Melugins Grove Road, Compton, $685,000.

Deed in trust

⋅ Summit Ag Fund II LLP to Dennis R. Stubblefield Revocable Living Trust, Dennis R. Stubblefield, trustee, two parcels of farmland in Wyoming Township, $1,514,292.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County

Warranty deeds

⋅ Randal Lane Zerbe to Jonathan R. and Kathleen B. Fore, 6860 N. Marrill Road, Stillman Valley, $374,500.

⋅ John B. and Dina M. Bearrows to Jennifer A. Johnson, 509 N. 12th St., Rochelle, $136,000.

⋅ Lisa Smith to Lois A. Gittleson, 914 N. 14th St., Rochelle, $127,000.

⋅ Ethan George to Carlos A. Ortega, 950 N. 11th St., Rochelle, $119,500.

⋅ Shane and Carrie E. Risetter to Jordan Miller, 14676 E. Twombly Road, Rochelle, $390,000.

⋅ Brown and Sons LLC to Edgardo Turcios, 311 N. Seventh St. and 623 W. Lincoln Ave., Rochelle, $60,000.

⋅ Richard W. and Kirstin B. Ellis to Robert D. and Frances A. Dole Trust, 10950 Flagg Road, Rochelle, $0.

⋅ Michelle Berry to Cynthia A. Decker Trust, Cynthia A. Decker, trustee, 1105 Depot St., Davis Junction, $224,000.

⋅ Larry and Cindy L. Pifer to James and Laura A. Marner, 4868 E. Walden Road, Stillman Valley, $340,000.

⋅ Maple Grove Fields LLC to Anthony B. Marchetti, 311 S. Third St., Oregon, $98,900.

⋅ Joaquin Gomez Carrasco and Maribel Betancourt to Ernesto Aguilera Bravo and Jackeline Aguilera, 1122 W. First Ave., Rochelle, $75,000.

⋅ Dustin and Erika Finkle to Jean and Carolyn Sterenberg, 409 S. Franklin Ave., Polo, $85,000.

⋅ Robert T., Christopher E. and Andrew T. Baatz to Richard L. Considine Trust, Richard L. and Colleen A. Considine, trustees, one parcel in Byron Township, $123,498.

⋅ Robert T., Christopher E. and Andrew T. Baatz to Nicole S. Considine Trust, Nicole S. and Sean R. Considine, trustees, one parcel in Byron Township, $226,502.

⋅ Jonathan R. and Kathleen Fore to G. Michael and Virginia D. Shea, 407 Mill Ridge Drive, Byron, $123,000.

⋅ Lynette M. Abell to Justin Abell, 217 Southview Drive, Rochelle, $132,000.

⋅ Trent R. and Kayla L. Metzger to Zachary M. Bernardin and Cecillia J. Stover, 1045 N. Ninth St., Rochelle, $155,000.

⋅ Karl A. and Katelyn N. Guilfoyle to Jack McGraw, 713 N. Kingsway Lane, Byron, $275,000.

⋅ Jeffrey J. and Christina Fillmore to Cheyenne M. Lynn and Austin M. Groshans, 1914 Southfield Lane, Byron, $155,000.

⋅ Jean L. Finkbeiner to Tyler M. Yocum, 304 W. Aplington St., Polo, $95,000.

⋅ Jay L. and Kathleen J. Leary to Rodney A. and Shannon Pritchett, 1271 Sunnymeade Drive, Rochelle, $137,000.

⋅ Elizabeth Ann Benthien to Arlette Lafleur, 4964 N. Lawnside Drive, Byron, $205,000.

Quit claim deeds

⋅ First York Financial to LLC 8 Dunnigan LLC, 301 W. Main St., Mt. Morris, $0.

⋅ Susan L. and Scott L. Bearrows to Matthew S. Bearrows, 17459 E. Edson Road, Davis Junction, $0.

Trustees deeds

⋅ MTWN-207, Mark S. Trust and Bill Nicholson, trustees, to GSN Rental Properties LLC, 207 E. Fourth St., Byron, $192,000.

⋅ McCracken Land Trust 1, Patricia L. and Ray F. McCracken III, trustees, to Wayne R. and Wendy Salveson, 5847 E. Bradley Road, Stillman Valley, $310,000.

Deed in trust

⋅ Barbara J. Davis to Irrevocable 313 West First Street Trust, Dawn R. Davis, trustee, 313 W. First St., Mt. Morris, $0.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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