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Prairie restoration takes root in Whiteside County

Not-for-profit aims to bring prairies and education center to Fulton

Conservationists, from left, Dean Huisingh, Dave Harrison, and Brian Langloss, from left, stand in a future prairie off Elston Road in Fulton on Sept. 2. The three have been converting a former corn and soybean field to prairie and are part of a team working to bring the Whiteside County Conservation Education Center to a plot of land along Elston Road.
Container gardens full of native plants are one aspect of the prairie nursery in Fulton. The Whiteside County Soil and Water Conservation Education Fund is working to bring an education center to Fulton to promote research, education, and inspiration regarding the importance of conservation and restoration of the environment.
Elston Road south of Fulton is the approximate location of a planned education center that will provide a learning experience about prairie restoration.
A butterfly lands on a tallgrass flower known as the prairie blazing star or cattail blazing star that's part of a prairie restoration project in Whiteside County.

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