Letter: Schemes have been around for years

To the Editor:

Reading of the scheming behind the implementation into law of the Federal Reserve system in 1913, one learns a few voices attempted to show the scheme for what it is. It also is learned that the New York Times was the same enemy of the people then as it is now.

The paper took the side of the schemers, denouncing those voices opposed to the Federal Reserve system, going so far as ridiculing a Kansas senator, calling him a Republican radical.

Still, it’s easy to conclude that plans were being concocted by Rothschild interests for the swindle long before the American public was aware of what was eventually to become the big steal.

The political process for electing the president was manipulated to ensure that Woodrow Wilson would become the president. Wilson being easily manipulated by Edward House, House being the driving force in Wilson’s ascent to the presidency and an associate of those who were promoting the Federal Reserve scheme.

It doesn’t take much imagination to conclude, as did one observer, that what took place behind the scenes in this matter marked the end of representative government.

Richard Rowland