Putnam County Methodist Church to hold blood drive on Feb. 14

Event will take place at the McNabb Fire Department

The Putnam County Methodist Churches will host a Red Cross Blood Drive from 1 to 6 p.m. this Valentine’s Day, Monday, February 14 at the McNabb Fire Department.

The event will be held in Goldasich Hall.

The Red Cross continues to suffer supply shortages due to Covid, coupled with high demand. First-time donors as well as veteran donors are welcome.

For appointments call 800-733-2767 or call Betty and Lisa Johnson at 815-882-2336. Donors may also schedule appointments and pre-register by using the Red Cross Rapid-Pass at redcross.org or by downloading and using the Red Cross donor app on your smartphone.

Due to Covid-19, walk-ins are not encouraged. Please remember to “mask up” and maintain social distancing during this event.