April 11, 2021
Putnam County

Putnam County Junior High School sixth-graders participate in Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Award program

MCNABB — Putnam County Junior High School sixth-grade students participated in the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Award program.

This Illinois award is determined by student votes. This award encourages students to read for personal satisfaction and develops a statewide awareness of outstanding children’s literature. The book “Long Way Down” was chosen as being the favorite among the sixth-grade participants out of the 20 nominated books.

This program was introduced to the students through a cooperative effort among Mrs. Carboni’s sixth grade classes and Mrs. Thompson, PCJH media paraprofessional. A special thank you goes to the Putnam County Educational Foundation for approving the grant that helped pay for copies of the books and the treats for the party. Thank you also goes to Ms. Davis, PC District librarian, not only for helping set up the program, but giving input on the grants, she also took the time to pick up all the treat items and came down to help with the party. Thank you to Mr. Olson and Mr. Carlson for supporting this program. Thank you to Casey’s General Store for making the cookies for the party. After each student reads one of the books, they must pass the test, and then fill out a story balloon. A balloon report helps the student understand the parts of the novel.

After reading and reporting on three Rebecca Caudill books, the student receives a certification stating they are eligible to attend the party and to vote for the Rebecca Caudill Young Reader’s Book Award. On Feb. 23, 11 students were given invitations to the party which was held on March 4. Also on Feb. 23, 11 students voted and a total of 74 books have been read so far by just sixth graders. Students were treated to cookies, soda, ice cream and toppings in celebration of Rebecca Caudill’s February birthday.

Any sixth-grader who reads all 20 of the Rebecca Caudill books will have their name engraved on a plaque to be displayed at the school in honor of this accomplishment. Students have until May 7 to meet the requirements to have their name on the plaque.