May 11, 2021

Guest column: The annual ritual of planting seeds of hope is upon us

Spring is finally here. Not only has warmer weather arrived, but we also are seeing signs of spring in the Sauk Valley. The grass is green, the trees are budding, spring flowers are starting to bloom and farmers are heading to the fields.

Springtime is a time of hope, of renewal, and a fresh start. After a cold and drab winter, spring ushers in a new sense of optimism … and after the stress of this past year, I think we all can agree that optimism is a good thing.

For farmers, that sense of optimism marks the beginning of each new crop, no matter the year. What happened in the crop year prior, good or bad, is done, and the planting of a new crop is a new beginning.

Post-harvest, farmers made their plans for this year’s crops. They ordered the seeds that they thought would give their farms the brightest future. They made the necessary repairs and upgrades on their equipment. They reflected on the past and made changes for the future.

And they hoped.

Farmers and farm families are an amazing group of people who work long hours to care for the land and raise food for all of us, with no guarantee of results. Each crop season is a strategic gamble – the best knowledge, the best research and the best technology available, are no match for Mother Nature. Each seed is planted alongside a kernel of hope and faith that this year’s crop will get the rain, sunshine, and growing days it needs.

For those who don’t farm, I think spring has that same effect. The warm weather, the greening earth, bring us all renewed optimism, just like the farmers.

Here’s to hoping that that optimism sprouts and grows into a bountiful harvest.

Dannelle Burrs manages the Lee County Farm Bureau. Reach her at