Every Backyard Oasis Starts with a Good Fence

Homeowners love the peace and quiet of their back yard, especially in summertime.

Whether it’s for hosting cookouts, birthday parties, or just to relax on a warm evening, your back yard provides a cozy sanctuary in which to unwind.

Many homeowners these days take it a step further and create an oasis, changing their mundane yard into an artful, entertainment-centered, nature-driven extension of the home. These oases can include things like a pergola right off the house, a large deck, water features such as a pond or waterfall, special gazebos for a grill or bar, fully-equipped outdoor living rooms, fire pits, lush gardens, and other features.

But as enjoyable as all those unique amenities can be, they won’t serve their full purpose without privacy. This is where choosing the right border fence is so important. Not only does the right fence protect your outdoor living space from unwanted guests or prying eyes, but it will improve the aesthetic of the yard and add to the value of your property.

Fence types

There are many fence options to choose from today, with wood and vinyl among the most popular. Wood provides a classic, warm charm but requires additional maintenance. Vinyl is durable and versatile but can be challenging to repair if any significant damage occurs.

For that backyard oasis, however, homeowners today are installing unique and beautiful fences to go along with whatever outdoor living space they create. Here are a few to keep in mind.

  • Wood and Metal – This fence combines the beautiful look of natural wood reinforced with aluminum or steel posts and frames to add a modern vibe.
  • Stair Stepped fencing – If your yard is on a slope, this is a great option to follow the angle of your yard with each section higher than the one next to it. It’s both functional and artistic.
  • Horizontal fencing – One of the most popular backyard fences for privacy, the horizontal fence stacks planks longways and can be done with wood or composite material.

Whatever type of fence you choose for your back yard oasis, it should reflect the vibe of the space you’re creating. That way, you’ll be getting the most out of your investment, both from security and aesthetic standpoints.

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