Three Signs You May Need a New Garage Door

As with any mechanical or electrical part in home, your garage door will suffer heavy usage over time.

If and when enough significant malfunctions occur such as shaking, not opening, or closing properly, or getting out of level, it may be time to have a new one installed. Garage doors are an important part of your home, as a properly functioning door provides security, safety, and also curb appeal.

When is it time to replace your garage door? Here are three important signs.

There’s noticeable damage or you’ve repaired it often

Among the years of wear and tear, moisture from rain and snow, and the occasional accident, it’s common for your garage door to have dings, motor issues, or even become warped and out of alignment.

If you find you need more than regular tune-ups, however, replacement may be a better option.

It leaks

Insulation is a key feature in modern garage doors. A properly sealed door keeps the wind and cold outside, as well as guarding against moisture seeping in. Plenty of water can accumulate from snow, ice, and rain – but it shouldn’t be able to get into your garage. If the door isn’t sealing properly or if there are any cracks or gaps that allow water to get in, it’s a good time to repair or replace the door.

It’s noisy or slow

Loud noises from the motor are more than just annoying. They are evidence of a worsening problem that may affect other parts of the entire system and could lead to failure altogether. At the same time, if you notice the door is too slow to close or open, it could be a sign that any number of mechanical or safety issues are present. While a slight delay of a second or two after you press the button is normal, anything longer indicates a bigger issue.

These are just a few telltale signs that it may be time to invest in a new garage door at your home. For more information or any questions on professional garage door installation or service, visit or call 815-626-8911.

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