3 Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Mattress

Verlo Mattress Factory - 3 Reasons You May Need to Replace Your Mattress

Your mattress is essential to a good night’s sleep, but how do you know when to upgrade or replace it? Over time, even the most expensive and high-quality mattresses can become worn out and uncomfortable, leading to poor sleep quality and health problems. Here are three signs that you may want to consider investing in a new mattress:

Your Mattress Is More Than 7-8 Years Old

Experts recommend replacing your mattress every 7-8 years to ensure you get the best support and comfort possible. After this point, even the most high-quality mattresses can show signs of wear and tear, like sagging, lumps, or broken springs.

You’re Waking Up with Aches and Pains

If you’re waking up with back pain, stiffness, or other aches and pains, it could be a sign that your mattress is failing to support you. An old or worn-out mattress can cause your body to sink in unevenly, leading to pressure point discomfort.

Your Sleep Quality Has Deteriorated

If you’re finding it tougher to fall asleep, stay asleep, or achieve a restful night’s sleep, it could be that your mattress is inadequate for your needs. Poor sleep quality can lead to various health problems, including fatigue, mood swings, and decreased cognitive function.

If you’ve identified one or more of these warning signs, it’s time to explore new options. When shopping for a new mattress, consider factors such as the level of support provided, material quality, and price. Look for trusted brands and read reviews from other customers to understand what to expect.

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