How To Select a Shower Pan For Your Bathroom Remodel

America's Bath - How To Select a Shower Pan For Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel, you’ll have decisions to make regarding the design, the specific products, and the installation of your project. If a remodeled shower is on your wishlist, you’ll need to select the appropriate materials to create one that is beautiful, functional, and safe. Most people may not give much thought to a shower pan, but it’s a very important part of your shower design.

There are several alternatives when selecting a shower pan. “Acrylic and fiberglass shower pans are the most familiar because everyone knows them, they’re offered in limited sizes, and they’re inexpensive,” explained Douglas Boncosky, Founder and CEO of America’s Bath Company. “However, like with an acrylic or fiberglass shower pan, eventually you’ll have some flex, or “bounce”, in the bottom of the pan. “Incorrect installation is usually the result of a contractor not using mortar to set the base, or not allowing mortar(if used)to dry completely, or “excessive” use beyond what it was designed to last.

The superior choice for your shower pan is cultured stone. “This is the best type of shower pan on the market,” added Boncosky. “It is solid and will last forever. It’s also flat on the bottom, so it will install flush to the floor without bounce, and comes in many colors to match any design scheme.” The pans can be customized to accommodate zero-barrier entry showers and unusual shower shapes.

Homeowners should also consider one that meets ADA non-slip guidelines and that is pitched from the factory so water flows into the drain. “At America’s Bath, we offer free, no-obligation design consultation, no-haggle pricing, and a lifetime workmanship warranty,” he said. “We also offer employee installers, instead of using subcontractors.”

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