Preventive Medicine

Mercy Health - Preventive Medicine

With the recent pandemic, many patients have put off cancer screenings which are so vital. These screenings should be implemented early with patients, regardless of age or gender. The impact these preventable diseases can have can be devastating to patients and their loved ones. Early detection is key, resulting in most cancers being very treatable.

Ways to detect cancers are very easy. Self-breast exams and mammograms can help detect breast issues early. For colon cancer, colonoscopies are the gold standard, however, there are other ways to test for colon cancer that you can do from home. Regular check-ups with your physician are vital to help with early detection of not only cancer, but also to find other easily treatable diagnoses, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

The key to maintaining good health is to detect issues early so treatment can begin as soon as possible. Since most diseases can be managed to help provide you with a good quality of life, the earlier they’re found the better. Your health can’t wait, so don’t put off a visit to your doctor, or put off that test for a preventable disease. Do it for yourself and for your loved ones.

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