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The past couple of years has been a time of stress on relationships and a time to take stock of relationships that were already not going well. To those who have grown stronger in their relationship during this time: Congratulations!

To those who know now is the time to break up, there are some opportunities for you to start the process now. The suffering and struggling does not have to continue. Here are some advantages that you should know to families in break up.

  • Attorneys and mediators are available to help you. Attorneys have some open time right now as we are not going to court every day so this is a perfect time to have a conversation.
  • Filing for a divorce or for a paternity action right now allows you the opportunity to avoid paying for attorneys to go to court every month. Instead, attorneys will update the court via ZOOM conferences and may provide updates less frequently. This will save a substantial sum of attorneys’ fees.
  • Mediations, collaborative divorces and negotiations are going on by ZOOM. This gives you the opportunity to utilize a negotiated settlement process that is known to provide more effective results than a decision by trial without the necessity of sitting in a room with your partner.
  • Finalizing divorces in some counties will not require a court appearance, but will be able to be completed through documents. This eliminates the stress of going to court. You can get your divorce completed without any court attendance at all!

If you have questions about the next step, please call or email Liz Felt Wakeman for a complimentary conversation.

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