Make an impact in a senior’s life in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

Senior Care Volunteer Network - Make an impact in a seniors's life in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month

For the last three years, 89-year-old Nancy has been on a waiting list for an income-assisted apartment in Chicago where she would be within walking distance of her son, her only living relative.

In the meantime, she gets help from the not-for-profit Senior Care Volunteer Network, which has been operating in McHenry County since 1998. Nancy is one of roughly 2,000 residents currently served by SCVN, whose mission is to help seniors maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life by remaining in their own home or the home of a loved one for as long as possible.

The organization achieves this through the selfless dedication of more than 200 hundred volunteers who provide transportation, grocery shopping, errand runs, social visits, phone calls, minor home repairs, food box deliveries, and yard work at no charge to the seniors or their families.

Now that she’s recently lost her driver’s license, Nancy is finding SCVN services even more critical.

“When I need to see my doctor, a volunteer picks me up and drives me to the office,” she said. “I don’t know how I would manage otherwise.”

When a senior can make necessary medical appointments, the transportation becomes life-sustaining.

Sarah Schrempf, who is executive director at Senior Care Volunteer Network, noted the correlation between SCVN volunteers and Mental Health Awareness Month, which is recognized each May.

“It is important to highlight how much SCVN services reduce anxiety and depression among older adults,” she said. “Each service provided by an SCVN volunteer is also precious time with a new friend.”

McHenry County has the fourth fastest-growing senior population in Illinois and the demand for services continues to grow.

“We are always looking for great people to join our volunteer team,” said Volunteer Coordinator Kerri Sutter.

SCVN offers opportunities and flexibility to meet anyone’s schedule and volunteers have full autonomy when it comes to how and when they choose to spend their valuable time.

“Becoming a volunteer with SCVN is twofold: providing much-needed services and giving back to the community,” Sutter said.

Visit to learn more about SCVN’s volunteer program or call Kerri at 815-455-3120.

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