A Christ-Centered, Private Education for Your Child

Immanuel Lutheran

One of the most common things the admissions staff at Immanuel Lutheran School in Crystal Lake has been hearing lately is, “We have thought about a private school education for a long time, but never knew if it was really for us.” At Immanuel Lutheran, students are encouraged to be curious and ask questions, and in the same spirit, Immanuel encourages parents to do the same.

Immanuel takes pride in being academically excellent, relationally driven, and Christ-centered. While many schools in the area may have similar academic standards as Immanuel, it is the relationships and Christian foundation that separate Immanuel from every other school in the area.

The relationship between Immanuel’s staff and the parents creates a family-like atmosphere, which benefits students and enhances the grade school experience. These relationships are one of the main reasons Immanuel has experienced intended retention rates over 95% in recent years, and why there are waiting lists in half of their grades.

Building a foundation of faith and nurturing it with biblically based education through graduation is the most important aspect of an Immanuel education. Prayer, reading of scripture, and learning about the love of Jesus Christ are daily enrichments. Students then share that love with others in our community through their words and actions.

Immanuel Lutheran School serves students in Preschool through eighth grade. The registration process for the 2022-23 school year begins this month. If you are interested in what an Immanuel education could look like for your family please contact their principal, Mr. John Meulendyke (jmeulendyke@immanuelcl.org) or call the school office at 815.459.1441.