Helping Your Children Prepare for Kindergarten

Even though it feels like summer just started, it’s already time to start thinking about next school year.

For parents of young children just out of preschool, this is an especially important step, and one that requires careful consideration, especially if any uncertainty exists.

Parents may feel some pressure to make the right decision when it comes to kindergarten. Not just deciding which school, but whether or not the child is ready at all. These and other factors such as past preschool habits and overall learning support can play a part in deciding the best way to move on to kindergarten.

“My best advice would be to check with your child’s past preschool and their upcoming kindergarten,” says Preschool Teacher at Immanuel Lutheran, Laura Gilleland.

“Their past teacher is a great resource and will be able to help you better understand your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. Also, touring the kindergarten your child will be attending offers you the opportunity to see the environment of the classroom, ask questions, and evaluate whether or not your child is ready.”

During this time, many parents like to encourage their children to practice self-care and experience some more independent activities. With this idea, some parents have their children take part in other things outside of preschool to get used to being away from them for longer periods of time. Things like swimming, religious education classes, library programs and youth sports are all some ways to help this transition.

Sometimes, though, that transition can be challenging for various reasons.

Fortunately, there are some schools like Immanuel Lutheran with special programs designed to help children and their parents take this next educational and developmental step.

“Immanuel Preschool in Crystal Lake offers a program for students who have birthdays close to the cut-off date, or for children who could benefit from an extra year of preschool,” Gilleland said.

“The K-Prep class specifically gives students the skills and tools they need to be well-prepared for kindergarten. The class uses age-appropriate curriculum, play, and hands-on activities to teach much needed skills for future success.”

While moving up to kindergarten is exciting, it can also present a unique challenge. These are just some general tips to help you and your children prepare for the coming school year. For more information, visit our website or call 815-459-1444.

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