Organic solutions for your landscape

Being more earth-friendly is good for all of us. And these days, you can find many natural and organic products to keep your landscape looking great while staying safe for your family, pets and the earth.

Be proactive when it comes to your tomato and vegetable plants. Various blights and foliar diseases are showing up. Garden Dust can be used as it has both copper and sulfur and is safe to use on edible plants. Neem Oil, derived from the Neem tree, works to prevent both diseases and insects naturally.

What gardener wouldn’t prefer natural insect control for their vegetable gardens as well as their trees, and shrubs? Neem Oil, Captain Jack’s Bug Killer, Bug & Slug Killer, Diatomaceous Earth, Insecticidal Soap all great products to take care of nibblers, crawlers, and fliers! Don’t forget, Mosquito Beater to keep you from swatting as well.

Perhaps critters of all sizes are eating your produce before you can. Repels-All comes in both granular and spray applications. It keeps all kinds of nibblers away! We find the best way to use a repellent is to rotate two or three types regularly – Shake Away are predator urines, and Liquid Fence is another you can use. Rotation is key so they don’t get used to the smell or taste!

There are a wide variety of Organic Fertilizers available. For lawns, Countryside recommends Jonathan Green Organic Lawn Food. It helps feed the roots to protect against the stress of summer heat.

For your vegetable gardens, Espoma Organics Garden-Tone or Tomato-Tone are best.

Countryside staff always suggests Jack’s Classic Petunia FeEd to keep petunias and all your annuals flowering and healthy all season. Though not traditionally organic, it is what we use professionally!

Weed Killers are also available in a natural form. Try Kleen Up Botanical, a natural weed killer made for organic gardening. Weed Beater FE is another organic weed killer also safe around children and pets.

Keep your landscape looking its best and your family and pets safe with organic solutions. Stop in and let our knowledgeable staff help you select the right solutions for your gardening issues.

We are here to help you be successful!

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