Enjoy a Safe, Unique Experience As a Studio Audience Member at Raue Center!

As Raue Center continues to navigate the rough waters of the entertainment industry during the global pandemic, it has adapted by providing virtual entertainment courtesy of a newly installed high-tech 4-camera setup.   For those who prefer the live experience, Raue Center is offering tickets to live tapings of Lucy’s At Home comedy specials every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m., when two featured comedians take the stage.   Each performance is hosted and curated by stand-up comic and radio personality John DaCosse.

Studio audience members enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into taping the Lucy’s At Home segments.   Although the show airs a week after the taping for RaueNOW members as a “thank you” for their continued support, you don’t have to be a RaueNOW member to be in the audience.   Just purchase a ticket, show up, and enjoy!

“I wasn’t sure this was going to work at first; I thought it would be difficult to get comedians to come all the way to Crystal Lake to perform a 20-minute set in a 750-seat capacity theater for a small, socially distanced mask-wearing audience,” said DaCosse.   “I have never been so wrong!   Since June, Lucy’s At Home has hosted nearly 50 stand-up comedians; each comic can’t thank Raue Center enough for supplying them with a chance to do what they love.”

DaCosse says the best part for him is the opportunity to meet so many comedians who’ve only been performing for a few years.   “It’s difficult for them to get booked in a mainstream comedy club,” he said.   “Now they come to Raue Center and blow me away with their incredible talent.   The collaboration of Raue Center, Lucy’s At Home, patrons of this gem of a theater, and both the young and established comics that perform here has truly made this an unprecedented time!”

For tickets and more information about RaueNOW memberships, please contact:

Raue Center for the Arts

26 N. Williams St.

Crystal Lake, IL 60014

Phone:   815-356-9212