Letter: Petty theft or grand theft, it is still theft


I was confused by a letter to the editor with this title a couple of weeks ago. I did some research and found that some of the facts set forth were in error.

For instance, he attended St. Paul’s school in Scranton, he took an oath many times beginning in 1973 to support the Constitution and the laws of his country. When he left office as the Vice President of this country he took stuff home with him which were classified and put stuff in other private offices.

Oh! Oh! Now, I know why the facts were wrong, the writer was addressing former President Trump and not our present President Biden, who with his son Hunter has made a fortune by using his political office to promote shady business dealings. President Biden simply must have a speedy trial, be convicted and punished or every kindergartner and those of us older folks will learn that rules do not apply and can be ignored.

Jon Gealow