Letter: Township supervisors


Some Illinois township supervisors twist the truth with their comments about general assistance programs. These supervisors do not want taxpayers to know that Illinois is the only state that still has a general assistance program, or that Illinois has 17 counties that also do have general assistance.

What Illinois taxpayers need to know, to be clear, is that township general assistance is waste, fraud, abuse and needs legislation for its elimination.

Most townships do not have folks that qualify for general assistance aid, many others maybe have a handful. Townships have law-breaking fund balances while taking more of your tax dollars in annual tax levies. Grafton Township had just two candidates, spent $219 and had a fund balance to last 456.6 years.

Dear taxpayer, do you even have a rainy day fund? Administration cost for general assistance should be a crime. In Harrisburg Township, 96% of general assistance is wages and benefits to township officials and employees. Note: Over 90% of township revenues come from your property tax bills.

Township supervisors can have extreme salary and benefits. Thornton Township Supervisor makes $277,000 and is also the mayor of the City of Dalton. Is this a joke? No.

Bob Anderson

Wonder Lake