Letter: Vote Stordahl for library trustee


Lisa Stordahl and I are incumbent candidates for Cary Area Public Library District trustee positions in the election Tuesday, April 4. I am unopposed on the ballot for a six-year position. Stordahl is one of two candidates on the ballot for a four-year position. She should be elected to continue in the trustee position.

Stordahl brings experience in library administration and library boards. Her vision for library district as a trustee includes advocating for new technologies, flexible meeting spaces, digital resources and MakerSpaces. She firmly believes that libraries are essential to democracy in providing access to information and technology while promoting intellectual freedom and lifelong learning. Her experience working at a neighboring library with library finance, annual ordinances, resolutions and state grants make her the best candidate who will contribute value to the board of trustees for the four-year open position on the ballot Tuesday, April 4.

Gayle Booth