Letter: McHenry County College Board of Trustees


McHenry County College is fortunate to have three excellent candidates running for its Board of Trustees. By coincidence, all three are women which makes it easy to remember whom to vote for on April 4.

Suzanne Hoban, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Family Health Partnership Clinic, is running for reelection for the MCC Board for a six-year term. A gifted administrator and community leader, Suzanne, is tuned into the issues facing MCC and is focused on making education accessible, affordable and enriching.

Alyssa Kueffner is also running for a six-year term. Alyssa is an MCC success story. She graduated from MCC in 2010 with an associate’s degree and went on to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mechanical engineering. She credits MCC with setting her on the right educational path and she wishes to give back to the college by serving on its Board of Trustees. Having worked as an engineer in the microelectronics and medical device automation spaces for the last eight years, she will advocate for MCC programs that meet the labor needs of the county.

Tess Reinhold, who is seeking a two-year term on the board, brings a blend of corporate and education experience. She spent 26 years in corporate business, nine years teaching and holds a doctoral degree in education. She’s ready to serve the community and will work to ensure the continued success of MCC and its students.

Please consider voting for these fine MCC Board of Trustee women candidates on April 4.

Janice Jellicoe