Letter: Was yours a sound decision, Sheriff Tadelman?


I enjoyed a conversation with McHenry County Sheriff Robb Tadelman while he was campaigning. He impressed me as an honest, sensible young man whose purpose was service to the community. I voted for Tadelman on the basis of that conversation.

But not again, even if he’s unopposed.

Tadelman has changed his mind since taking an oath to the Constitution. He now believes he is the sole arbiter of which laws he deems worthy of enforcing. This is the founding doctrine of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), the Posse Comitatus theory pioneered by Christian identity minister William Potter Gale in the 1970s.

The CSPOA holds seminars and trainings meant to radicalize sheriffs into believing they have ultimate U.S. law enforcement authority.

Tadelman, McHenry County citizens have the right to know: are you a member of CSPOA?

You speak to schoolchildren and, hopefully, impressionable teenagers. Do you tell them they can decide which rules to follow?

Illinois lawmakers are trying to redirect the obsessive gun culture in our state to prevent another Highland Park terrorist massacre.

Headlines like these:

“AR-15 style rifle marketed for children showcased at Las Vegas gun convention,” Tim Balk, New York Daily News Tuesday, Jan. 17.

“Monterey Park mass shooting leaves at least 10 dead in California,” CBS Sunday, Jan. 22.

A wise woman frequently admonished: “We are a product of our decisions.”

Sheriff, was yours a sound decision?

Helen Torscher

Crystal Lake