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Letter: Vote Mary Mahady


I do not know Mary Mahady personally. I have never met her, nor have I ever seen her at any social or political events that I have attended.

However, during the over 50 years that I have lived in McHenry County, I have had some dealings with her in her business and professional capacities.

In that regard, I have always found Mahady to be extremely competent, professional and always seemed to want to do what was right. I have never seen her be “political” at all.

Other than specifically not voting for the former Republican presidential candidate the last two elections, for much of my life I have tended to vote for Republicans.

However, in an important local race that affects pretty much all of us here in McHenry County, I urge everyone to vote based upon the quality and background of the candidate, rather than upon party affiliation. Picking the best candidate, regardless of his or her party affiliation, will benefit all of us here in McHenry County and hopefully will not benefit any particular political party.

I strongly hope that many long-time Republican voters will take the time to look at the respective backgrounds and qualities of the two candidates and then vote with their heads, not just with their prior party affiliations. I think all of McHenry County would be best served if everyone did so.

Thomas Popovich