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Letter: The shape of things to come


Certainly, a 10-year-old rape victim is not mature enough to make a decision about bearing or raising a child. That decision must only be made by government, namely Clarence Thomas, Lindsey Graham or Darren Bailey.

But government rights are not unlimited.

Certainly, government can never limit the right of an 18-year-old rapist to purchase armor-piercing assault weapons or to carry them wherever he pleases.

Was this the vision our founding fathers had for our country?

Certainly, this is what Republican candidates believe – at the federal level, the state level and right here in our own community. They have been working to achieve this vision for decades and every Democratic voter who fails to vote for their own personal vision of America on Nov. 8 will ensure that this one becomes reality.

Vote for your vision of what America can become. For certain.

Gene Rosner