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Letter: Support voter integrity


A recent letter indicated we should support Mary Mahady for county clerk because the writer had to go to the McHenry County offices to confirm a signature on a mail-in ballot.

This letter is in support of voter integrity, not any candidate.

I do not agree with mail-in ballots or drop boxes. It is too easy to falsify a signature. However, the system in Illinois is very good. It requires the signature on the ballot to match the signature on the original registration form. It doesn’t say it should be similar or close or that this is what the signee meant. It says it must match. When I was an election judge, I would have questioned and requested resigning to match the registration card format and verify the signature by a member of the other party, which is a required procedure for all in-person voting even if the signature is not in question.

It is because of situations like this that I believe in voter ID, voting one day only in person, mail-in ballots for exceptional reasons only, and counting all ballots on the same day.

Anthony J. Santinello