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Letter: Democrats are soft on crime


The introduction of the Illinois SAFE-T Act by Democrats will create a cashless bail system that will allow criminals to go unpunished.

With the elimination of cash bail, criminals charged with crimes will only be detained by police in cases of forcible felonies or when the criminal is a flight risk. It also means criminals charged with violent crimes like robbery, kidnapping, vehicular invasion, aggravated driving under the influence, second degree murder and drug-induced homicide would not be detained.

The law also handcuffs law enforcement because an unwanted person causing problems in your small business would not be detained on trespassing charges. Instead, law enforcement would only be allowed to issue a simple citation but would be powerless to remove the unwanted person from your business or residence.

Law enforcement leaders around Illinois have declared this law to be a threat to Illinois. But, Democrats like my opponent and only two lone state’s attorneys who are in favor of this act claim these measures will make Illinois safer. I can’t pretend to understand how allowing murderers, drug dealers, robbers, arsonists and kidnappers back on the street will make Illinois safer. Their stance on this disastrous act only proves what many of us have known for years: they are soft on crime.

My promise to every Illinois resident: vote for me to be your U.S. senator in November and I will vote no on crime and yes for the rule of law.

Kathy Selvi