Letter: Vote for Mary Mahady


When I voted in the recent primary election in McHenry County, I voted by mail. After the election, I was told my ballot was rejected and had a week from the date of the letter to travel to Woodstock to dispute the rejection. By the time the notice arrived, only two business days were left. Thankfully, I managed to adjust my work schedule.

At the office, I asked to see and compare the signature on the rejected ballot to my voter’s registration. The reason given for the rejection that was approved by Joe Tiri, was the signature on file had the initials of my first and middle name with my last name, and the ballot was signed with the full version of my name. It was clear to myself and the person assisting me, the signatures were the same, except for the use of my full name.

The disruption to my work schedule, the lack of time to dispute the rejection and the lack of care taken to identify a truly problematic ballot has me questioning Mr. Tirio’s job performance as county clerk. How many other voters experienced this issue and didn’t have enough time or ability to travel to Woodstock?

For this reason and the issues with the 2021 election that included sending out clearly erroneous and unconfirmed totals for the school board race, I’ll be voting for Mary Mahady, someone I believe McHenry County can count on as county clerk.

eMMe Lecos

Crystal Lake