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Letter: Evil is all around us


We are a nation becoming comfortable with evil. There are important leaders in our government who want to fundamentally dismantle our nation’s foundational pillars. In order to move forward, they must remove God from our government, our schools and our homes. They are allowing lawlessness to flourish in their major cities while they perpetrate a two-system justice system. To paraphrase God’s word, Romans 1:32 states, “Those who practice evil give approval for others to do so.”

Ignoring our immigration laws and allowing 2 million illegal immigrants to enter our country is evil. The cost to citizens alone will never end when providing free health care, free housing, free transportation, free education, free food and free abortions.

Placing a target on all of our law enforcement officers using misinformation to perpetrate harm on them is evil. Directing our police to stand down and let the burning, looting, vandalism and murder happen on our streets is evil. Criminals run free while the safety of others are at risk. This is not right.

Allowing the teaching of CRT, LGBTQ behavior and gender in our schools is evil. If this is happening, vote the school board members out. Adult discussions are for adults.

Evil’s goal is to ultimately destroy life. Planned Parenthood is fulfilling the goal. Protecting the health of the mother is first and foremost but killing babies because of an act of irresponsible behavior is evil.

Our God is in the business of life, not death. “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” – Romans 6:23.

Jim Doll