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Letter: Support of the people matters, not slogans


It’s interesting that while Keith Pekau, who is challenging two-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Sean Casten, banters about a slogan of “People over Politics,” all of his primary endorsements are politicians. Rather than rising above politics, he appears intimately dependent on local Republican politics.

A review of Pekau’s website reveals endorsements by 10 local mayors, two township officials, two county officials, a former police chief, three current/former state representatives, a failed 2020 6th District U.S. representative candidate and a county Republican Party chairman. Just how do the endorsements of only local Republican political cronies demonstrate “people over politics”?

In comparison, Sean Casten’s endorsements reflect organizations representing people striving for a better life and a better world. His endorsements include 15 labor unions, five climate/conservation groups, three women’s/human rights groups, two anti-gun violence groups, three political action groups, 17 U.S. representatives, nine state representatives, 38 local city/township/county office holders and eight community activists.

The 6th District does not need politicians with empty campaign slogans. We need a representative who truly works for and is supported by the people. We need to reelect Sean Casten.

Bruce Lane