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Letter: Commission so far ‘a slow, deliberate and well supported account’ of Jan. 6


This is in response to a June 17 letter to the editor.

In regard to the Jan. 6 commission, remember that Minority Leader McCarthy rejected a bipartisan committee that would have equal number of Republicans and Democrats and would have given subpoena power to both Republicans and Democrats. McCarthy was allowed to pick five Republicans. Two were rejected (Banks and Jordan). McCarthy had the chance to replace these two and he not only choose not to replace them but pulled the other three. The bipartisan committee also failed in the U.S. Senate because the Republicans did not vote for it. So the only reason this committee has more Democrats is because the Republicans chose for it to be that way. I am guessing they did not want to know the truth and be able to say the current committee is biased. But let us not forget that there are still two Republicans on the committee and one made an opening statement.

The Jan. 6 commission has so far produced a slow, deliberate and well supported account of the events of Jan. 6. It is horrible, dangerous and shows a complete lack of respect for the Rule of Law. It shows Donald Trump wants power at any cost. I am worried the same is true of many of his followers. We seem to no longer care about the common good and have reverted to a toddler’s cry. While many in this nation may not want to believe the occurrences of Jan. 6, we have a responsibility as citizens to be well informed, seek the truth and respect the Rule of Law. I seriously doubt whether the current group that represent the Republican Party respects the Rule of Law based upon their support of the Big Lie and ignorance over the damage this has done to our democracy. I never felt or viewed Republicans that way before 2016.

Jeff Varda