Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support animal control and adoption center


As a resident of McHenry County for many years, and an animal rescuer for the last two decades, I can remember when our animal control facility was a run down house in rural Woodstock. There was no adoption center. Animals went in, but they never came out. Our animal control was so infamous as to make headlines for kill rates.

It was with great joy that I witnessed the new building and the opening of the adoption center in Crystal Lake. Now that facility has been closed without warning. No adoptions are happening. Facebook posts are begging for food donations.

What is going on here? Why isn’t the County Board involved in solving this catastrophe? Are we going to regress to that dark time when animals didn’t matter here?

If you have ever adopted from them, been helped through tough times with a food donation so you didn’t have to surrender your beloved pet or benefitted from the low cost vaccine clinics, you should be asking questions as well.

Our board members need to be getting answers. We cannot allow the dark times to come back. The animals need us to support them, by supporting our animal control and adoption center.

Anne Blohm

Crystal Lake