Letters to the Editor

Letter: A country collapsing


We have one of the most powerful well trained military in the world. Yet inside the soul of our country is collapsing; we attack our culture and each other. We are rotting from the inside. So what is there to protect?

We need to rebalance, recalibrate our values and thinking. We are far from the values in the preamble to the Constitution to ensure justice and tranquility to ourselves and our children. For too long we have assumed that all is well at home. We have always thought the enemy comes from the outside. Billions upon trillions of dollars have and are devoted to that assumption. Because of this assumption we have ignored, denied our fallibilities, weaknesses and our own devastating evilness. We are the enemy.

The greatest country in the world where we can no longer be sure our children, our grandchildren will return home safely from school. What is wrong with us? Why is it we allow the answer to be more guns? As ownership increases so do the murderous bloodsheds. We look for external solutions instead of internal answers. The United States has more mass shootings than any other country. The numbers are staggeringly higher. The rest of the world looks at us as being insane. Since we are living in the insanity we can’t see it.

We need outside help to cure our murdering sickness. We need help to regain our value of our children and human life. I pray for a miracle. It is our children who determine the fate of our country and our souls.

Richard Rill

Crystal Lake