Letters to the Editor

Letter: Redistricting grief


No longer in the 6th Congressional District and unable to vote for Sean Casten, my stages of grief were immediate.

Denial. “This has to be a mistake. I must vote for there presentative who held over 50 town halls to provide expert information and honest, no-holds-barred opportunities to ask the hard questions on important issues! I have to vote for the only public servant who called me personally to ask me what was on my mind!”

Anger. Then I became angry. How dare they forbid me from voting for a public servant who:

  • Fights hard for a woman’s right to choose the health care best for her.
  • Works to assure that all citizens have the unfettered right to vote.
  • Fights to protect individuals from predatory online investments.
  • From day one, ethically placed all of his investments in a blind management arrangement.

Bargaining. Gradually, I thought, “If I act, the grief will leave.” I volunteered to help his work to:

  • Lead on climate change and implementing the Select Climate Crisis Committee’s work.
  • Protect the right of workers to organize, to protect seniors, to strengthen social security and to raise the minimum wage.
  • Protect health care for all by improving the ACA, lowering prescription drug prices like insulin, and protecting the health of mothers.
  • Promote his belief that LGBTQ+ rights are human rights that must be protected.

Acceptance and hope. I have finally accepted that Sean Casten will always work to serve the people of our local municipalities. I hope voters will know that Sean’s integrity, strong advocacy for working families, and results-focused actions always place service to his constituents above self. Sean Casten’s strong local perspective is built upon a long-range visionary thinking. A vote for Sean Casten is a vote to support yourself and your family for now and for the future.

Bruce Lane