Letters to the Editor

Letter: How to help Ukraine


The United States has already sent hundreds of billions in financial aid and arms to Ukraine. When the war in Ukraine finally ends, many more billions and trillions will be needed to help Ukraine recover.

History tells us that the U.N. and NATO countries will expect the United States to lead the way in providing most of the financial help for a European country ravaged by war.

Of course, what happened in Ukraine was heartbreaking, and the United States should help with humanitarian aid. How much is the question. The U.N. and NATO countries should provide most of the financial assistance for a European country.

75 years after World War II, the majority if nor all of European countries are still receiving foreign aid from the United States.

President Biden should justify his election by being a president and ignore the war hawks in Congress. Heed President Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex. After all, how many nuclear weapons does the United States need? Does President Biden have the will to stand up to the war hawks in Congress?

Victor Darst