Letters to the Editor

Letter: Correcting the record


A recent letter regurgitating right wing demagoguery denigrating President Biden needs factual correction. It ends with the question; Happy Biden voters? Yes, we are. We the People of the educated informed majority of patriotic Democratic Americans, amassed in record numbers, voted to oust our former president. We are thrilled that we have a president, and Democratic Congress, legislating and fighting for all Americans, the Constitution, Democracy and Rule of Law.

Once again, just like 2009, Democrats are rescuing and saving America from another recession caused by the failures of Republican governance. We the people respect a president who leads with science, facts, truth, empathy, humility and decency, who led America with a record-setting first year. Records including 6.4 million jobs created, 3.9% unemployment, 6.5% GDP growth, historic wage growth, record stock market, 50-year low for unemployment claims, 210 million vaccinated, 5 million more insured by the ACA, 40% reduction in child poverty and renewed international respect and alliances with our allies while ending America’s longest war. And we are just getting started.

All this achieved despite the historic intransigence and obstructionism of the GOP.

Legislation, beginning with the American Rescue Act, passed by 100% Democratic and zero Republican votes. A transformational Infrastructure bill only 18 Republicans in both chambers supported, while they shamelessly tout the benefits to their own constituents.

So, what are Republicans really for? Besides protecting tax evasion scams for their dark money billionaire puppet masters? In 2021 every Republican voted no against: Lowering drug costs, funding for COVID-19 testing, family child tax credits, pandemic relief for families, businesses and municipalities, assisting the unemployed, renters and students, addressing climate change, paid family leave, and most egregiously against national standards for Voter Rights and Election Integrity. Abhorrently, they actually cheered and applauded maintaining Red State Jim Crow-style voter suppression and election subversion laws.

The better question is why do 25% of Americans continue voting against our democratic Republic, and their own interests?

Can anyone answer? @BobfromIllinois

Bob Janz