Letters to the Editor

Letter: An unexpected act of kindness


On Saturday, Jan. 15, I went to Angelo’s food store in Johnsburg. While in line getting ready to pay for my item, a gentleman behind me told the cashier ”I got that.” Obviously, I was quite surprised and initially did not understand why he wanted to do this. I then remembered I was wearing my Vietnam War Veterans hat. I told him how much I appreciated his kindness. He just responded that he wanted to thank me for what I had done. I told him he made my day. As some people may remember, when we got home from the Vietnam War there was no home coming or recognition for the veterans. In fact, we were even made to feel by some that we should be ashamed for what we had done. It has been 55 years since I served in Vietnam and times have sure changed for the better. Today it is so heartwarming to see both young and old citizens recognize all veterans and thank them for their service. I proudly served my country and would do it again without hesitation.

Semper Fi.

Bob Seredick