Letters to the Editor

Letter: A time to share our hopes and visions

“Let us be thankful for inherited ideals — and let us resolve to share those blessings and those ideals with our fellow human beings throughout the world.” — John F. Kennedy

This is a time where we pause and reflect, be thankful for the many blessings God has bestowed upon us.

Now I don’t care what political side you’re on. Politics today is nothing more than warfare between what they call left and right. It’s no longer a noble profession as once described by President Kennedy.

But this is also a time not for hate and division, but of peace and goodwill. A time where out of many we are one. A time we show gratitude, be thankful for one another.

For our families, friends, those we work with and those who are our neighbors. Thankful for freedom itself and those brave who give their full measure of devotion in defending it.

To our police, firefighters and nurses and doctors. They’re so much to be thankful. It is a time also where we share our hopes and visions in asking what we can do for our country.

So let our thanksgiving be the blessings we returned to God. For our purpose is how we treat each other and serve to the best of mankind. For we are in the business of mankind. To make it better, richer in spirit and hopeful in our contributions.

So let us be thankful. Let us be idealists. Let us serve the light not curse the darkness because in this world that would rather war there is no more urgent task then work towards peace to which JFK called it the greatest adventure of our century.

Blessed are those who are peacemakers God will call them His children.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Bob DeLacy Jr.